The Week of March 6, 2017



For this week, we have a Cardinal Grand Cross on Tuesday, Pluto shoots the Moon, and Uranus aims at Jupiter, all together they spin the wheel. It’s forces beyond your control combined with active choices, and active results.

Saturn trines Mars, we may yet be effective, though circumstances beyond our control will set the parameters, deal the cards. It’s a week to play at the top of your game, or to fold early if you don’t have what you need, or what it takes.

Try not to push the bolder up the hill, but with luck you may be able to ride it down.
If you do have to harness your strength, align yourself with those in power.
Mars and Uranus are supported by Saturn, so this is not the moment to challenge the establishment on your own. You need back up. You need community support.

The Sun separates slowly from his Mercury conjunction.
All week be receptive to unspoken messages.
Dreams, Intuition, and then there will be some that are spelled out directly.
They may hit you on the head.

shell girl

What did you learn?
Powerful information.

The Sun and Merc move toward Chiron, supported by Pluto, and challenged by Saturn, with Mercury leading the way. How to work with what you find out? Deep truths don’t always respect conventions, friction is a force, you may be rubbed raw, attempting to follow the rules, squeezed into a shoe that does not fit. The toe that bursts through may find you relieved, embarrassed, and sore all at once.

The Moon moves to Leo on Wednesday, then Virgo for the weekend. Some people will sparkle and others try to stomp them out. Leo wants status, recognition. The sparklers offer entertainment of a sort, or by Thursday, even joy! Can you stand the dazzle? Could it turn into fun?


Mars moves to Taurus on Friday the 10th, giving us a Warrior that is not so quick to fly off the handle. He watches and waits, seeking permanent rather than short term solutions. Taurus Mars wants sex, steady cash and plenty of it. Not so much down for a quick roll in the hay, he wants to groove you all night long. This set up is marked by a gender bending mutual reception between Aries Venus and Taurus Mars. Until Venus retrogrades back to Aries on April 3, Mars is ruled by Venus, and Venus is ruled by Mars.

This Friday we see a strong trine between the Virgo Moon, Taurus Mars, and Sagittarius Saturn, with the Moon heading into the North Node. That looks potent, watch and see if fate plays a hand.

By March 12th it’s a Virgo Full Moon with Saturn to square it. Ouch? It’s critical. A pinch, a pin prick, or worse, as Chiron opposes and Saturn, as I said, squares it. At the same time, Uranus inconjuncts the Moon, an emotional harsh surprise?.

You’ll have to surrender to the truth of the situation and do your best to help others. If you’re not dead, and most of us won’t be, then your care will be needed.

This Full Moon,is not easy going. Judgemental, with themes of finality, loss, and commitment. Could it be good? It could, but there will be disclaimers, qualifications, and caveats. When signing a contract, the details will figure in to it, even more than usual. Read the fine print. Clean your house, your body. Pay what you owe. Be simple. Sincere service, and devotion to others is a way out. Virgo knows that by giving to others, we come to life.

Love YOU!!!!


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