The Week of January 26, 2015


Moon tipping over to Taurus after the early hours…
She catches a sextile from Venus on her way to Pisces.

I was reading astrology blogs this morning…
I try not to read too many, because my head fills up
with other people’s ideas and I go blank…



~Nobody seems to like this week very much!~

I’m hoping it’s better than that!
We do have Mars in Pisces making it’s way to Chiron,
while Aquarius Mercury reaches back to conjunct the Sun.

If you need to clean out a wound, you had better have at it!

It’s an exact Venus/Saturn square on Friday,
Pisces to Sagittarius
and a simultaneous near Venus/Neptune conjunction applying… 3 degrees off at the time of the Venus/Saturn square.

On the same day,
Mars/Chiron squares the Gemini Moon.
OW! Ouch! Owww!

hmmmm…. it actually doesn’t sound all that fun.
Count this stuff as active from Wednesday on.
Who am I kidding?! I can feel it now!

It’s Mutable though, and Mutable means flexible,
and flexible means bendy,
and you don’t want anything that’s not real anyway, right?
Disillusionment is the downside

The Upside?


Sagittarius and Pisces share a traditional Ruler,
Our man of Benevolence: Jupiter,
now (retro) in LEO.


Venus is exalted in Pisces, she is O P E N, Generous.
There are opportunities here, no question!
Just don’t try to nail them to the wall.
If you want them, say YES, do the work & let it float a little.
easy does it.

Plenty plenty to shake down later with Merc direct…

Cut free? We are almost there, you DO
have to think of it before you can become it!

That time is now. Uranus has ideas…
Revolutionary ideas?

Remember our long term Uranus Pluto Square?
Still ON.
Still active!

Our Pisces Party (Mars, Venus, Chiron, Neptune) has inklings and inclinations.
Clear out your brain so you can hear them

Romantic dreams?
Don’t let your own internal Saturn crush them.
(don’t feed the fears!)

He is not actually about that.
The Old Man just wants to make sure you can swim before you take the water-wings off. Safety First Bro-ski! (lolz)

Do the work.

Enact, Become, Create, Release,

Free Fall?

Some of that too.

Love YOU!!!


* Daughter! WOW! What a band!
Thanks everyone for writing about their Venus!
It’s been great! Never to late to add your take on it!



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