The Week of December 24th, 2012

Our girl here looks to be a Taurus/Virgo type,
au natural, all relaxed in the snow.
A Capricorn would be prepared, with traditional gear.
A Sagittarius could just go naked skiing,
the exercise would warm them in no time.

I was going to say she’s just chillin, at one with the weather…
but actually she looks like she’s had it. Like take my picture already!

It’s hard to be completely at one with the weather with right now.

The Moon is in Taurus, relaxing

But at the very same moment, the deep undercurrent of loss,
loneliness, and eminent surprise is hard to align with…

and you feel it all the while…

…Even as New Beginnings spring up like toadstools after a rain,
This week, Mars moves from hardworking Capricorn to innovative Aqua!
Think both creative, and long term

Let go of how you are seen, it’s not in your control.

Friday the 28,
Don’t tell me you have plans!
Because we have a date with a fully emotional,
and very harshly aspected Full Moon in Crab!


It’s no good worrying. Uranus is a player, and things will go howev the universe decides. Surprise Surprise.

With Uranus in Aries violently T-square Pluto and the Moon, (and given the sensitivity and massive feelings of Crab Full Moons in general), that things go strangely, harshly and emo is a safe bet.

With Mars in Aqua in Mutual Reception to Saturn in Scorpio,
can you detach from pointless intensity?
You can. Breathe.

The topics?

Native Homeland
Your House
Strong Feelings
Shocking News
Sick to your Stomach
Going Tits Up…
ok now I’m joking

Best strategies?
Really breathe.
No panicking
You can not solve all problems at once
And above all, LET GO

If something or someone is leaving, that is their choice or god’s to make.
Let go.
In all this freedom is your friend.
Particularly freedom of the mind.

Full Moons are the culminations of past actions.
You had a hand in getting where you are.

All you can do now is your best.
If you are doing your best, you are working on the positive edge of your capacity.
Yes. Back pats.


Open up to whatever reality shows itself.
The best stories have got to have drama.

Take off your chains wherever you find them.
Make your connections as loving as you can.

Love YOU!!!


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4 Responses to The Week of December 24th, 2012

  1. Tam says:

    “Let go of how you are seen, it’s not in your control” I really need to work on that. Saturn in the 10th

    I love the painting!!!

    The Cancer Moon will be conjunct my Jupiter in Cancer. Talk about Full Moon LOL

  2. o_lightning says:

    Hey Tam! I can get that one myself, “I’m the good guy!You will approve of me!” Lol. I think that painting is so relaxing! It chills me right out. I can’t remember where I found it. Re: Full Moon, may as well go big! Go Hard or Go Home! hahaha crab jokes. xo

  3. Charlotte says:

    Hey, LOVE YOU TOO!!! Thanks for all your kind words, musical musings, and astro insights! I hope you’re having a great holiday in spite of the less than optimal astro and meteorlogical weather.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Charlotte! You are So welcome!!! I’m feeling pretty good. The weather inside my head is surprisingly clear. Hope you and yours have a fantastic holiday!!! xoxoxo

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