The Week of April 16, and a View into May 2017

In which our protagonists move on.

Having found themselves absolutely drowning in the results of former actions, and an inability to jettison the past, our protagonists are finally able to make headway.

Yes, there will be bills to pay.
Aren’t there always?

Time’s up. What you have done, and have not done, are entered into the ledger.

It will be May third before Mercury is direct, but that doesn’t stop us now. A little confusion, or even a lot of it, is preferable to the quagmire of indefinite immersion to which we have grown accustomed. You’ll revise if you have to.


Mercury and the Sun trade places, Mercury back to Aries, the Sun into Taurus. Venus coming forward, off of Pisces Chiron, but taking her time. Mars moves to Gemini by Friday April 21st,

We are still looking to solve puzzles. By the end of the April, Mercury will make it back to conjunct Uranus. Mercury will sit conjunct Uranus Aries 18 days.

During that time the Mercury/Uranus conjunction trines Saturn and the North Node. This is big. If you have planets between 22 and 28 degrees of Fire and Air, watch what becomes, what springs to life during this period.

Pay attention not only to Mercury turning direct on the 3rd of May, but also to the 8th- 12th of May, when Uranus and Mercury jump together from 25 to 26 degrees, and then the Moon conjuncts Saturn to seal the deal on May 13th, with the North Noe at 29 LEO, and Gemini Mars trine Libra Jupiter.

Retrograde Saturn will continue to square a now DIRECT Venus.
You work out the kinks.


By the time we arrive at the end of May, Venus herself will take the place vacated by Mercury. She and Uranus will trine Saturn and the LEO North Node: a life changing idea you have turned into an asset. Long term plans are put into action. By May 31, the Moon conjunct the North Node activates a substantial kite. More on that to come…

Even now, choices become easier to make and a path more definite.

The rubber hits the road. Answers arrive to unavoidable questions. We begin to sketch in the territory of what we needed to know. Yes, our choices are subject to Merc retro fluxuations and revisions, but even when it’s not the ultimate answer, the information we receive now is valuable. Pretty, or ugly, this is what we need to know. There is a push to make something of it, to use what you learn.

Do that.

Over the next two weeks you are promised wake up jolts, and head checks. Multiple lightning zaps of massive multilayered realizations. Contrary, contradictory and overlapping concepts hover close by, but lightly, as though combining floating auras, with x-ray vision. Can you apply what you learn to who you are? Can you see the subtleties of self-implication, without latching on to self disgust?
Our man Chiron wants to know.

I think you can. You know the drill.

Let go, look ahead. Move toward what you desire.
Stay flexible, accept rewards and punishment with a modicum of grace.
The stage is being set.

Love YOU!!!!


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