The Uses of Dirt

There is a lot of Earth in the sky right now.

and some fiery brilliance via Aries as well.

People with Sagg in their chart may have just moved house…
or at least rearranged the furniture

Virgo’s… one way or another you are going to be traveling… you know that don’t you?
whether it’s back to school, or all the way out of the country…
your perspective will grow

People with Taurus gotten a reboot or restart, yes it’s all for real

With Earth in the Sky, (funny image that)

Everything that Happens is for Real.

We had the New Moon in Taurus, and that means it’s Birthday time for all the Bulls!
I love this image. He seems to be smiling and wearing an onion shaped birthday hat!
Happy Birthday Dear Taurus, I truly adore you!

Your calm, your determination, your love of beauty and the natural world,
Your belief in a “right” way, your sweet stubbornness and taste for quality.
Your devotion to loved ones and loyalty.
I wish everyone one of you a lovely birthday,
with the perfect foods, sex and beautiful flowers,
and a lasting gift from someone you love.

If you love a Taurus, male or female, this is what you give them.

Now if for some reason you have recently angered a Bull,
or if you think you may…

Listen! Try not to…

NOW, specifically right now, they have the force of the Stars behind them, specifically Mars in Virgo, and Pluto in Cap. They will not be taking that sh*t lightly and there will be consequences.

* Fair warning*

have you already done it?

Taurus doesn’t get truly mad often, (grumbles don’t count)
It upsets the Venus ruled signs to be at odds with those close to them…

(Not like an Aqua, who can be at odds with their intimates for ages…
now that said, sometimes Taurus is angry,
but may hold there tongue for a VERY loooong time,
not wanting to upset the boat… and then someone messes with their food or their stuff…


I wanna talk about the uses of dirt.

The material plain, the realm that we have to accomplish our goals

Sand paintings always make the think of the bridge between heaven and earth.

Occupying a space between sacred and material, they are very Virgo

All the detail and concentration.

Virgo standing, as it does, in the gateway between mental activity and material accomplishment.

As Lou Reed said:

“Between thought and expression, there lies a lifetime.”

He is a Pisces with a Virgo Moon.

and as a matter of fact, Lou has Mars, Saturn and Uranus all conjunct in Taurus.
Think he would have gotten anywhere without that dose of stick-to-it-ness?

This is a good year for him, I think, between the Pisces and the Taurus
plus his Virgo Moon is only going to get more creative over time.

One of the things I love best about Lou is that he is not afraid to make mistakes.
His music ranges from unbelievably good to completely rotten… A la Pisces
and with that Taurus energy, he will work until he drops…

See what he is doing now:

So that’s my long posty ramble for the day.

Let’s hear from another musician.

A Pisces Rising, Libra Sun, with Mars in Taurus opposite Saturn in Scorpio. Virgo Venus.

There is an odd resonance between his and Lou’s chart? Non?

Mr Coltrane

From an album called “More Lasting than Bronze”
It’s on “Lush Life as well”

That opening pierces my heart every time.


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