The Trials of August


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Ok, that New Moon in Leo was not as much fun as I wanted it to be.
There were a LOT of flies in a lot of ointment, and most of them are still there.


and honestly, more than a little gross courtesy of Pluto inconjunct the Sun and trine Mercury.


Is the impending Mars/Saturn conjunction of August 22/23 already saying no to what seem perfectly rational solutions?

is that conjunction the axe we are going to use to hack our way to the next level?
I mean if it doesn’t hack us first?

Wait! There is something else that could be of use.
On August 12 Saturn goes direct.

Authority moves ahead.
Still in a mutable T-Square, Saturn at 9 degrees Sagittarius squares Virgo Mercury, Venus, & Jupiter, and the North Node, as well as Pisces Chiron, & Neptune.
Saturn Square Neptune is a confusion factory!

Also on the 12th Saturn loosely trines Uranus and the Sun,
but you know what kind of it looks like?

It looks like trying to get something off the ground
and having the door nearly slam in your face when you know it shouldn’t.
It looks like death by minutia.

Does this mean every effort will fail?
Not really.

It may go through.

Venus is in Virgo now.
She is going to find practical ways to help, to pry open the door.
Work for it. That’s what you do. There is nothing beneath you now. You will do it all.*


Of course, it’s all a little haywire at the moment.

If it means 15 million phone calls and emails, and errands just be willing to make them.
Virgo the f*ck out. While letting go of the outcome. This is some complicated Zen to work correctly.
Part of what it means is that there may be no ~ magic ~ carrying things through, or lets put it a different way.
YOU are the magic!
Humility is needed for this one.

Synchronicity might possibly be on vacation.
But help should be available.

Neptune is involved, but possibly as a disappearer rather than a magician.
That god is a wildcard…
Cross your fingers, hope for the best.

August 14th through the 18th Uranus trines the Sun,

is it a lucky break that Mars/Saturn sets in Stone, and Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, brings to life?
Not impossible, but all potentials must pass through the Saturn square Neptune delivery system.

The culmination of that moment is a little Full Moon Eclipse on August 17/18th at 25 degrees Leo/Aquarius,
and as this happens, the place to watch is Virgo, yes all planets are getting the Saturn treatment:
but as Jupiter prepares to leave Virgo, he will enlist Venus and Mercury for some gift distribution.
There should be rewards along with the punishments.

Additionally there is a solid blast of random, Uranian. Zap then Zap again.
It could be helpful.

You are not about to fall into the abyss. Everything you have worked for is not about to be obliterated.
Or is it?
No it’s really not. But this is a test, and you will be fully tested.
It’s a close shave, not a severed artery.

For people with mid-degree mutable planets, (that means you: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces)
money, success, opportunity, stability, it all has the potential to end in disaster.

If that’s not a motivator, I don’t know what is.
Don’t give up, don’t walk away.

Stay with it, things really are about to change. when every drop of blood has been squeezed out we all become rainbows.
No. I mean we are working on making a new foundation that we will build the next seven years of our lives on, and when you see it that way, it only makes sense that it takes time, and as in Cinderella, not every shoe will fit.

We are surrounded by ghosts this month. The circumstances and people we feel we are done with, but who, one way or another are not done with us. They remind us that dues must now be paid now, once again, in order to move on. It’s the set up, and that always costs you, right?


The lesson in the trials of August?
Do what you can. As quickly as you can, without any particular hope.
Don’t expect good luck, but all the same, ask for what you really want, take the steps, make the effort. Do the homework.

If you take a chance at all, make it on your conservative best option.

This August Jupiter wraps up his tour of Virgo, what will he offer you?
They are the little things that mean a lot.
Health, Pets, Paperwork, the ability to work at all.
The pressurized pile up of Virgo planets will have something positive and lasting as we move into September.
Jupiter begins then in Libra, ruled by Venus at home by then in it’s own sign. (Libra)

So what was the purpose of the New Moon in Leo?
To bring new (panicked) energy to the crisis’ at hand?
I think more than anything, to reboot in order to have the strength to attack what we have before us.
To connect with the part of you that can laugh and love under any circumstances?

Could be…

don’t give up!!!

Love YOU!!!!


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*AND you will be reminded of the powers you don’t have.
Saturn’s gift after all = the rules, the structure, THE LIMITS.
Which freedoms can not be taken?
The freedoms that prisoners possess.
For real. Your mind = you world

a perfect thought from Wislawa Szymborska:


I can’t speak for elsewhere,
but here on Earth we’ve got a fair supply of everything.
Here we manufacture chairs and sorrows,
scissors, tenderness, transistors, violins,
teacups, dams, and quips.

There may be more of everything elsewhere,
but for reasons left unspecified they lack paintings,
picture tubes, pierogies, handkerchiefs for tears.

Here we have countless places with vicinities.
You may take a liking to some,
give them pet names,
protect them from harm.

There may be comparable places elsewhere,
but no one thinks they’re beautiful.

Like nowhere else, or almost nowhere,
you’re given your own torso here,
equipped with the accessories required
for adding your own children to the rest.
Not to mention arms, legs, and astounded head.

Ignorance works overtime here,
something is always being counted, compared, measured,
from which roots and conclusions are then drawn.

I know, I know what you’re thinking.
Nothing here can last,
since from and to time immemorial the elements hold sway.

But see, even the elements grow weary
and sometimes take extended breaks
before starting up again.

And I know what you’re thinking next.
Wars, wars, wars.
But there are pauses in between them too.
Attention!—people are evil.
At ease—people are good.
At attention wastelands are created.
At ease houses are constructed in the sweat of brows,
and quickly inhabited.

Life on Earth is quite a bargain.
Dreams, for one, don’t charge admission.
Illusions are costly only when lost.
The body has its own installment plan.

And as an extra, added feature,
you spin on the planets’ carousel for free,
and with it you hitch a ride on the intergalactic blizzard,
with times so dizzying,
that nothing here on Earth can even tremble.

Just take a closer look:
the table stands exactly where it stood,
the piece of paper still lies where it was spread,
through the open window comes a breath of air,
the walls reveal no terrifying cracks
through which nowhere might extinguish you.

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