The Trials of August Part 2

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Just hang on a little bit longer.
This is not about all your worst fears coming true.

It just seems like that.

It may even seem like that a lot.
Is the powerlessness fiesta is coming to an end?

To activate your luck, Talk to people.
talk to people you know, and don’t know.

It may take until the Aries/Uranus/Moon combo trines the Sun, and Mercury conjuncts Jupiter on the 22nd,
even another 2 weeks until we have passed through the nearly unimaginable New Moon in Virgo on September 1st, and put the Saturn/Mars conjunction behind us, and see Saturn advance from 9 to 10 degrees.

Likely it’s not all one sweeping event,
likely there are steps you take that uhhh, lead to a sweeping event…

This is complex astrology!

People with heavy mutable placements are not going out of August the same as they went in.
Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini, this means you!

Skill, luck, patience, discipline and that malleable trickster, judgment.


As I write this, a large work crew of men are standing on ladders propped against my apartment building, and they are grinding the lead paint off the building with angle grinders.
It’s a little loud.
It’s a lot loud. You couldn’t be sure of what I was saying even if I shouted.
A test of my focus?
A headache generation machine?

Can we communicate?

Everything comes complete with difficulties
that’s what happens when Mars/Saturn squares the North Node.

You don’t get it without a struggle.
Doesn’t mean you don’t get it.

Certain conditions may have to be met.

Do you want it?
and if so, can you afford to get it?

At those prices?
With that cost?


Where is success in this equation?

Watch as the bottom line slides around, perhaps seemingly slipping into a hell zone.
Howev, there are choreographed gifts on the way, it’s just that you have to play your part to receive them, now nothing comes without strings. Who is going to help?

When a choice seems so narrow, do you take it, or hope for something better?

Use logic, what happens now is time sensitive, reach to coordinate with people who might help you.
You aren’t meant to handle this alone. Harmony might be a stretch, take functionality for the win.


The combination of void, or lack, and a deep urgency is unsettling.
You are right that things can’t go on like this, and right again that they won’t.
The choices you make in August and September set the next layer of your life in motion.
Make them as practical as possible.

Panic is not your friend.

To do:

Not to do:
grasp at straws,
but really, how can you tell the difference?

You have to shake the tree until the fruit falls off, but does that mean it won’t be ripe?

You are being asked to work hard and cooperate with an unpredictable God.
Circle the 25th of August as a Mutable Grand Cross, with
Communication by squirrel message = a Gemini Moon delivery system!
it’s day to watch, but no single day here stands on it’s own.


You can’t tell this story in fragments because it is MADE of fragments.
A linear mosaic, with somehow brittle and morphing parts.
You don’t want to make the wrong move, particularly when there is money at stake, fear of loss!
Fear of utter disaster.

It becomes clear tho, for some of this, it’s now or never
and with Time as a factor, our story develops.

The Mars/Saturn conjunction square our Virgo planets sets up a level of frustration.
Jupiter/Venus/Mercury does want to give good news.
And it will.
Unavoidable Virgoic blessings and opportunities amidst the whiplash.
There is growth as well as loss.

Let’s take a moment to be happy about that.

The good IS real, as real as the difficulty and can’t be discounted.
It’s not all here yet, for the Earth signs, for the Water signs, for Virgo

it seems like nothing is happening, but then…
something arrives that was needed.

For Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini, and Virgo, and people who have planets in those signs,
before the next two months are over, you will have experienced some epic life alterations,
with blessings among them.
Meanwhile everyone juggles, and it does take both hands.

PLUS, Virgo guarantees there will be paperwork.


Mercury goes retro on the 30th.
Try to complete biz plans or paperwork ahead of time,
and yet it’s complicated, the new Moon Eclipse on September 1st seems to deal in part with taking care of unresolved left over issues.

Virgo is the sign of the magician,
It’s as though we see the mechanical side of making magic.
We get something, but we work for it, and there is loss involved as well.
Jupiter in Virgo ends, Jupiter in Libra begins.

August 15/16 is Venus on the North Node, the 17/18 is our Full Moon, Aquarius/Leo.
There is a surprise embedded in the DNA of the Lunation.
I can’t tell you what it is, because the random factor is stratospheric.

You then have to feed your new knowledge/circumstance through the practicality virgometer.
Eye of the needle shiz, but people thread them all the time,

with help.

Love YOU!!!!


p.s. If you like it when science fiction comes to life, CLICK HERE

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