The Square from Jupiter to Saturn


I posed this question about my life:

~Maybe it’s a lesson in failure… cut your losses…
stop trying to make everything work out…
move on to something new?
I really don’t know what is correct.~

via text to one of my besties.

That’s the Astrology.

Trine from Jupiter to Uranus says -Yes You Can!-
~Here is your lucky break~

Saturn finishing his tour de Scorpio, now with Pluto Direct,
tells us
~Stop f*cking around! The dress rehearsal is OVER. Unrecoverable losses are possible both emotionally and physically. This time it counts.~

Is it f*cking around to take your lucky break?

Especially when you know Cardinal Chaos is coming in the form of Eclipses!
DUDE! Surprises!!!

Well, is it?


That is the square from Leo Jupiter to Scorpio Saturn,
Integrity vrs Self Preservation in challenging times.

Our winch is getting tightend,
Jupiter now at 15 LEO, and moving ahead,
Saturn inching along at 20 Scorp.

What lenses can we use to see more clearly?

~If not now, when?
Ok now.

~But what now?

~Can we grow without putting ourselves in danger?

~What criteria can we use to establish worthwhile battles?

~Who is more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him?

~If you wait for a perfect day to make your move…
you will be waiting a long long while.

~If the certainty of goodbye is a victory,
and is it?
….is the uncertainty of a hello also a victory?

~Is the last one holding on the winner?

~What did you win?

~True devotion is?

~True devotion to self?
and if we are not devoted to ourselves who will be?


We KNOW it is time to be revolutionary.

That is a tricky puzzle, when
revolutionary and reactionary are diametrically opposed, as they are now.

The clearest perspective here is going to come in the form of long term (Saturn) thinking,
about your future (Jupiter)

Realizing that the square will be integrated by the ingress of Saturn into Sagittarius this winter.

Take the long view,
with eye toward structuring your life toward spiritual freedom.
You want to be able to live with who you have been, and who you will become.

The ultra magnificent epic-ness of this Merc retro (oct. 4- 25th)
suggests that we will be going over it:
and by it, I mean the challenges that face us:


go cardinal go cardinal go.go.go.cardinal
cardinal signs baby, making changes.

You don’t have to get it right the first time,
you may not be able to get it right the first time.
What is asked for here is genuine heart.

As those bumper-stickers say: the best things in life aren’t things.

~Chrissy Zebby Tempo, My Ancestors~ is the best album I have heard in ages!
Hard to feel like a total loss when early Velvets/Sabbath style Afro-Pop is still discoverable! LOVE it SOOOO Much



Love YOU!!!


apparently WATER is the oldest magic on earth!

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4 Responses to The Square from Jupiter to Saturn

  1. Tam says:

    Jeez don’t mention the upcoming Mercury retro, it’s the only Mercury retro I have ever dreaded.

    I was born with Saturn square Jupiter. I try to not get my hopes up or get too excited about an upcoming event or new person. I wait until after the event etc. has passed and then tell stories of how great it was. That seems to work best, if I go all Jupiter first, then I wind up terribly disappointed whether it’s concerning a new person in my life or just a day trip. I do feel cheated that I don’t get to be excited about things like other people do.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hi Tam,

      The Merc retro is so pointed. It feels like a test. 🙁

      I get that, on Saturn square Jupiter, I don’t have that aspect, but my Saturn and my Jupiter don’t exactly go hand in hand. Sometimes I get my disappointment over with first, privately, and then enjoy what it actually is. I think this is also related to high expectations, at least in my case. xox

  2. Charlotte says:

    I haven’t had the words to comment recently but I feel excited right now. I went to a meeting to sort out my libra related issues and while I was disappointed I couldn’t find a sherpa, I just realized a new one is on their way. Idk when, who, or how I’ll find them but I know I will because I found my last one.

    Between my pisces descendent and libra sn square venus/mercury/ neptune I always feel like I learn the most about myself when I am in a relationship with another person. That’s where I start to grow because I learn what I am lacking and I am highly motivated to fix it. I haven’t even tried to date anyone in a year and that’s probably why I can’t quite break ground on my core issues. It’s hard to tell if that philosophy is based in love addiction or astrologically completely valid for me. Intimacy really scares me but the only way to learn it is in relationship with others.

    BUT I want a neptune love that makes me high and doesn’t involve anything difficult like overcoming disagreements and having a separate identity and point of view. I want to escape my real problems and follow around someone who only creates problems and doesn’t see any need to resolve them. I tried talking to the saturn representative who wanted to keep me on the path but I hung out with the neptune person doing nothing in particular and feeling wonderfully empty.

    I need to find someone who has both sides so I can finally learn how to live in balance. My natal saturn is in sag and I need to be prepared before it hits my moon.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hi Charlotte,

      It sounds like the student/teacher situation has a lot to offer you. I think most people grow through relationships with others. It’s that sweetness in the love situation that makes all the button pressing worth it. Not that growth is fun. lol.
      Saturn in Sagittarius will reward the serious student who doesn’t take themselves seriously. 😉 xo

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