The Power of Gemini Mars/Mercury in Taurus, Grand Fire Trine



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Mercury is about to move to Taurus where he will slow down, think in concrete terms, make lasting choices. Because of the larger set up in the sky he will want to make them quickly,  it’s a rulership thing.

Mercury in Taurus only wants to move once he is sure, that is, once he is sure that he is certain that he is sure. Ruled now by an Aries Venus, who in turn belongs to a Gemini Mars. How fast can it happen?! Oh yeah! But are you certain it’s what you really want?!


Mercury, Venus, and Mars, about to cover new ground now, 7 league boots.

What are you going to do about the money? Or with the money?
What is the long term prognosis?

Which next steps are yours to take?
Beaucoup developments bring opportunities, opportunities bring change.

It’s in your hands, or one end of it is, anyway.
What are they doing to the other end?

Many, many, vantage points which you can use to look at the facts.
But the facts themselves are bald enough for anyone.
Nary a hair was there.

You can’t un-know what you know, so what do you make of it?
What comes after this?


A sense of perspective may be near impossible to generate.

Remember the one you used to have, the one you had to retire as the new generation perspectives came out, growing larger, and larger, until they were unwieldy, holding too much encompassing vast information with a devout abandonment of hierarchies. Too much to hold.

But your still holding it, aren’t you?

And what’s more you can’t put it down. Look away, blink. Does this change everything? Does this? Impossible to say, but you’re a liar if you assert your mind is unaltered.

What is it you know that you are grateful to know, that you are lucky to know, that you don’t want to know, that you are heartbroken from knowing?

What is it that you need to remember? If you close your eyes will you remember it? If you open them? How do things seem to move in strobe lighting?
What’s next?

Love YOU!!!!



This picture is of a resort in Morocco, let’s just imagine a walk in that garden…


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