The Outer Planets, A Fashion Interlude

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Did you notice how as Neptune went through Aquarius, nothing matched anymore!
And by the time it got to Pisces, we were all accustomed to it.

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Neptune rules Glamour,
and we can absolutely find the trends by following Neptune!
What a star! lol
With Neptune in Pisces,
the non-matching thing has become almost post-post-modern.

In Aqua, clothes retained their signifiers,
A kilt with a trench coat? Fashion joke implied.
It’s a brainy thing. Very Aqua.
As Neptune moves through Pisces, fashion irony is dead.
It’s a level playing field.
Why should things match? All clothes being created equal.

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Are there things that “don’t go?”
Not in the old sense of the phrase.
To keep things fresh,
simply look alive, interesting, or like you are about to unravel…

Even as this trend picks up speed….
has anyone seen the anthropologie catalog lately?
It seems what is happening, is that there is simply more worldwide agreement.
Clothes are clothes. Use them freely.
Take for example JEANS. Blue jeans. Was there ever such a universal standard?!


The Astrology of Levis Blue Jeans is so fascinating, that I will post a Chart, which I never do!
You Just have to see it!


It’s noon chart, but it might well be right!

Humble hardworking unassuming (Virgo ASC) Levis, originally WORK clothes.
that travel the world, (9th house!!!!!)
Everything in TAURUS. A classic forever!
Leo Jupiter in Neptunes’ House? Fashion forward endlessly.
You can not stop this Luxury item from infiltrating your culture.
Glam 12th house Leo Jupiter knows no bounds.

Mars in Libra: Men’s fashion to be worn by men or women equally.
Uranus in Leo in it’s own house!
Opposite Saturn in Aquarius in the 5th Come ON!
Fashion innovation for the masses.

Jeans are a fashion innovation that are worth as much worn out,
as they are brand new!

What other item of clothing can you say that about!!!
That Uranus hitting up Neptune in Aries. Jeans ARE Aries fashion!
Just kidding high fashion Aries

But think of it as the persuasive dream of Something NEW,
something that is so simple, so versatile, so comfortable,
that it captures the hearts of everyone, EVERYWHERE.
(Pisces Moon in the 7th!)

Take a look at all the pressure on on Venus and Mercury,
This fashion message is going to spread!

Levi Strauss himself?
A Pisces Sun conjunct Merc, with a Sagittarius Moon Jupiter!
lucky bast*trd
In keeping with his Moon, he moved from Bavaria to California!
and got the fabric for his jeans from France!
Venus/Uranus in Aquarius! I know!! Mars/Chiron in Taurus!
You have to wonder how the invention of Blue Jeans affected his life…

This rather tripped-out article is both concise and thought provoking!
It makes a bridge from global fashion to global… well everything…
and manages to include an aside that makes me think of
Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Cap.
The rebellion on the way to the New Structure?

Michio Kaku! Michio is a theoretical physicist,
I tend to like the things he writes, even when they make me uncomfortable.
Are we meant to end up as some sort of superorganism society like ants and
the Naked Mole Rat?! ewww gross Thanks Ze!

As the Outer Planets do their thing reshaping our realities,
It’s something to think about, no matter how you are dressed.



* photos by the incomparable Scott Schuman.

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