The New Moon in LEO 2013 & A Cardinal Grand Cross


It’s hard to write this on a day like today,
when everything is all, toned down quiet like… but…

There IS an undercurrent
Uranus trines The LEO Sun even Now!


The New Moon in Leo is nearly here,
It’s a good one!
So close we can almost feel it coming up and over the edge of the horizon,
even if it can’t be seen.

The idea is to let go and be yourself.
Yes, really.
Sometimes Astrology is not that complicated.

New creativity, a new love affair, making a baby,
whether that baby will grow to be a child, or record album,
a restaurant, a painting,
or even a new hair cut that frees you from the past,
and sets out on your voyage anew. It’s time.

Or nearly time

Today we finish the last bits of old biz, (as if it could ever end!)
How about SOME of the last bits of old biz.

The Sun and the Moon’s loose Square to Saturn
suggests that we get the lettuce out of our teeth,
before talking to our manager.
And that we not start anything we can not finish, and finish well.

As for the New Moon tomorrow,
It’s at 14 degrees LEO, with a Trine from Retro Uranus supporting the Lunation.
That’s a strong and beautiful independent endorsement! Go YOU!

Still plenty of Water, with an emphasis on emotional bonds,
what exists unspoken is equal to any words in combination.


Jupiter Opposition Retro Pluto:
Generosity and Depth, (or death)

This is no time to sell yourself short!
Not even a little.
Howevez, you are not out for blood here, take only your due.
Power for the sake of power = a bad move.

Is there a free ride? An easy way out?
Not on your life!
It’s a balancing act:

We pay to play.

you know that’s right. yes you do!

As ever, the New Moon is a beginning.
we will see how well we fared in this, come the Full Moon in February.
Self expression, love, playful lightheartedness?
Where do you need more of this?
To radiate freely, like a beautiful ball of fire….
Everyone knows we revolve around the SUN.

On Thursday the 8th, Mercury moves to LEO.
Although Saturn will quickly call out Mercury, on any hot air type promises,
We add light, heat and directness to our repertoire.

If you actually have any genuine swag, fortune favors the bold.
Will you have to prove it?
Yes, yes, you will.

Cardinal Grand Cross on the Weekend
As ever with a Cardinal T-Square or Grand Cross,
Be careful!
The Moon in Libra by Sunday,
Saturn fully giving Leo Mercury the smack down.

The Libra Moon is ruled by a Virgo Venus,
She is not strong here, but rather caring.
Still in a loose alliance with Cancer Mars.
There is no malice between them, and a real patience, a respect that will help.
Although that same Mars does Square the Moon.
Accidents? Strong Feelings!?

Is there an opportunity here?
Yes, I think so,
but it doesn’t come without pain.

Moon, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto, that’s a lot of heavy hitters!

To make promises that bind you?
To revolutionize your relationships based on what you need at the deepest level?

In this, Chiron Trine Jupiter is a tremendous ally,
the strength that comes from experience and wisdom:
The big picture, and an idiosyncratic optimism.
this is not your first time around the block.

All of the positive angles to Pluto:
Saturn, Neptune, North Node, Chiron should not be forgotten.
This is a struggle that may well be worthwhile.

What seems meaningless, if anything could seem so,
will surely have meaning, pressed in like a stamp.

This week, we bring our vision further in to the light.
there: I said bring our vision into the light!
hahahahaha! Am I an Astrologer Now!?!

New Moon in LEO, Shine On!

Love YOU!!!!


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