The Mars Station Approaches


Mars is at 23 degrees Scorpio,
which is the degree of it’s station when it finally turns direct on the 29th of June,
after all this time of backtracking
to find a way out of the labyrinth.

and THIS

What’s about to happen?

July and August are a catapult the likes of which we have not seen in ages!

The ways in which this is coming true personally, nationally, and internationally are mind bending!

Can you read it and think it doesn’t apply to you?!
I bet not!


because, that is true, realize your life is about to get better.
Pay attention, between now and mid July let your moments find you.
You nearly into the new reality.

Just think how many things you know NOW that you did not know even two months ago!

Realizations flood in.

Let them

When you allow those thoughts to bloom in your heart,
it’s possible to feel that the waiting has been worth it, or that it will be worth it.

As uncertain as the logistics are, the core of the matter is central to your progress, to fluidity, to movement, to justice, to making sense of your place in the cosmos. You have to use what you have come to know as truth.

The problem has been mapped. Thoroughly.
There are places where nothing has emerged, and you so very need something, anything, a way out…

Here it comes. A catalyst is on the way. An opening where you can get a leg up.
Wait until you feel it, some hasty last min moves have disastrous results.


Stay open now.

You have a strong analysis of the size and scope of the problem, and you are about to arrive at the place where you can actually solve it, not all in one go, but over the next year and a half, no, that’s really how long it takes, (is it wrong to be excited for the end of December 2017?) You will use your deep sense of ethics, the tools that you have amassed, and a missing element that is about to make itself known in the next few weeks, especially as Mars goes direct on the 29th of June.

What else?

Use the freedom inherent in knowing a situation is already f*cked and that you had better tackle it according to your own lights.
To do:
Use what you know. Don’t trick yourself out of your brilliance, or undersell your understanding.
Knowledge is not only power here, knowledge is FREEDOM.

Not to do:
think problems will sort themselves or be paralyzed.

Do your homework, take the steps you see. A tipping point.
Lungs: that’s Gemini to balance Saturn in Sag.

if you need help sorting through, give me a shout!

Change is on it’s way, yo.
Key word? TRACTION.

Love YOU!!!!


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2 Responses to The Mars Station Approaches

  1. connelly567 says:

    My Ascendant is 23 degree Scorpio. I feel the beginning of the end of many stressful years. We Libras (and Cardinals) have been tested and challenged. But some of us are still standing

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey connelly567,

      Here’s to getting your vitality boosted as Mars goes direct! The long term obstacles and resulting transformations could not have been more huge. Tough times to stay afloat in muddy (saturn/neptune) water. Happy you made it! xox

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