Capricorn Time Y’all!

Time that’s a Saturn joke because Saturn rules Capricorn, and you know, time.

Capricorns age well. True story. They are known to get better as they age. Both more beautiful and more, well, relaxed.

As children Cappys worry a bit, and as Adults.. (umm, sometimes they worry a bit… because they are afraid, and often, afraid to show it. What’s worse than being afraid, having everyone know you are! )

But by and large, being in CONTROL
(a Capricorn word if ever there was one) suits these world dominators
So Much
that things improve.

The word Dominate via the free dictionary

Let’s just mentally substitute the word Capricorn shall we?

1. To control, govern, or rule by superior authority or power: Successful leaders Capricorn (dominate) events rather than react to them.

2. To exert a supreme, guiding influence on or over:
Ambition (dominated) Capricorned their lives.

3. To enjoy a commanding, controlling Capricorn position in: a drug company that Capricorns (dominates) the tranquilizer market.

4. To overlook from a Capricorn height: a view from the cliffside chalet that Capricorns (dominates) the valley.

1. To have or exert strong authority Capricorn or mastery.

2. To be situated in or occupy a Capricorn position that is more elevated or decidedly superior to others.

See what I mean?

Capricorns absolutely must steer their own ship, and with every mind blowing achievement they rack up, they become more lighthearted and fun!

They are funny too with that dry biting wit, and charismatic irony.

Capricorn is the sign of the daddy, the one who handles it.
Closes the deal. Works for the $ and uses it wisely.

WISELY. See Capricorn is not really the goat.

It’s the mythical creature the SEAGOAT.
This animal can overcome any obstacle because it can go anywhere. Land or Sea.
It can adapt, succeed, and rule, well govern anyway.
Capricorn is strategic and ambitious.
Ambitious is an understatement.
If you are a Capricorn and you have lost your ambition,
call me we will to find a way to get it back to you.

See, all Cappys are under pressure now. Pluto is moving through their sign forcing them to lead the lives they were meant to lead, not at some point,
but rather, NOW.

And Yes losses will be incurred,
The price for being who you are meant to be,
is that you are not allowed to be anything else.


Nothing will slide, nothing can be put off ’till later,
Nothing will be remain that is not truly yours.

The Capricorn story is a rise from humble beginnings to achievement and respect.

That’s where we are now, from darkness, to light.

The solstice has past, but it feels like a long journey to the heat and light,
of summer, and so it is.

The wisdom of Capricorn is the wisdom of tradition. Of proof, not conjecture.
Saturn= Restrictions, Structure, Limitations, Responsibility, Persistence, Dedication

How else will anything get built asks Capricorn

How else will anything last?

By the by, this time of year is also Saturnalia

Ye olde festival of Cappy’s patron saint Saturn
who, as it happens, parties hella hard when so inclined.

Capricorn’s like to eat well, drink well, and for them,
sex is just part of the party biz. Goats are randy! Am I right?

This goes out to all my Capricorn sweethearts!
You will make it!

You are LOVED

( yes Zooey is a cap. )


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5 Responses to THE GOAT

  1. SpaCeRoCkz says:

    My Cap moon is now fortified 🙂 TY <3 <3

  2. Alexis Hurley says:

    I LOVE ZOOEY : SINGING !!!!! yayyy best post over xxoxooxo

  3. o_lightning says:

    So glad to hear it SpaCeRoCkz and Alexis! xoxo

  4. louise says:

    My best friend in high school was (and still is 😉 a Cap. She was affraid of heights.. she actually had real panic from it. It strikes me now that it was probably related to her sign and the age of childhood. As she now overcame that phobia. I understand it went slowly improving by confronting it… She had sometimes a lot of self doubts (as a teenager) but became a beautiful strong successful woman. I love her for the endless laughs and the warm unconditional acceptance she gave me when I most needed it.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hi louise! That makes perfect sense! Caps for longevity! That unconditional acceptance is something I see in many Capricorns. They know what it is like to feel undervalued or scared, and can really be gracious about extending respect and admiration for anyone trying to better themselves. <3 Capricorn<3

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