The Equinox & Aries Eclipse

James Jean

The Sun epic in it’s potency.
New in Aries, as we remake the world.
Ready. The Hero. Hungry to win.

Chiron on the South Node, the old pain right there.
How far from your demons have you traveled, and who will you help now?
Face to face with the worst of it. Internal but with an exterior catalyst.
Shaking Free.

You look down murky hallways to find yourself again. Always you,
altered, the same, everything takes so long.

Sharp harsh cutting conversation.
Deep respectful loving conversation.

As Our Aries/Libra Full Moon Eclipse approaches, consider that it’s an incitement, a call to arms,
(I know!) the second step, and the most obvious choice.
A spark.

The Eclipse shows our vulnerability and our resolve.
Bonds made and broken.
We are exposed as weak and dangerous, as unformed material alive for good or ill.
Bright, thick, deep, with potential and enmeshed in complex relationships we intend to cut, if not to shreds, to clarity, as though with a sword.

Honesty arrives. Handle it with your most adult acumen.
The bond is (yes, really) stronger if it survives.

Saturn preparing to go retrograde at 16 Sagittarius, while squaring Jupiter at 17 Virgo, and trining Uranus at 19 Aries tells us:
A) that it might take a min. to accomplish these goals
B) that we may lose the battle and win the war
C) comprehension is the key to fine tuning.

Love YOU!!!!


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