The Beginning of the END OF THE END!!! Happy Halloween 2014!


Happy Halloweenie!

It’s Nearly November!!!

November promises to be a BIG month, full of endings,
and rather stark solutions.

Will there be beginnings?
YES, if those beginnings are solving your Saturn in Scorpio conundrums!

Plus: Neptune Direct begins on the 15th of November!
Pisces rejoice!

In a way, we could classify November and December through the 28th as one big wrenching reality zone! It’s the end of Saturn in Scorpio! Never thought I’d live to see it!!!

Beautiful or wretched, an elegance and a finality is fully implied.

NovDecember is the END OF THE END!!! Thank F*cking God!!!!
*ok true to astro-form there will be a retro, over the summer.
The full finale is next fall.
But believe it, The intro to Saturn in Sag. at the end of December, completely counts. You will know it, because you’ll live it!

Saturn in Sagittarius will be serious, but so very much less punishing.
And that’s a promise!

These songs go out to the passionate ladies,
you know who you are!

Love YOU!!!!


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2 Responses to The Beginning of the END OF THE END!!! Happy Halloween 2014!

  1. Sophie Bennett says:

    Saturn in Scorpio (for this Taurus lady) has been a bitch. The gift that keeps on giving, lol! Can the end really be in sight?? I am going to throw a party!!! xoxo

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Sophie,

      I know and SO agree! I have Taurus, and have had my ass kicked from one end of (metaphoric) town to the other!
      Howev, I can not deny that Taurus peeps have grown tougher. … and yet, grown tougher how? Cynical? A baseline has been reached, but we don’t like it down here… it’s terribly dark! So too, some of what we think of as Saturn’s doing can be blamed on Chiron in Pisces, at least for Taurus. Who can you trust? Annnnnyway, YES it’s going to be less drastic over all, and so much less punishing. A party, YES definitely! xoxox

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