Hey Cats and Kittens,

Just a worker-bee post,
I want to send a real heartfelt THANK YOU
to everyone who writes in!

You all really touch my heart!

In honor of everybody sharing their love,
I fancied up my ~ About ~ page
to include some of the lovely and kind things people have written in the comments.

Check it! If your comment appears there, and you are like
“awww, I don’t want to say that anymore” drop me a line, I’ll take it down.
Otherwise I just want to thank you for being such loyal, kind,
brilliant, and attentive readers.
Y’all are such sweet hearts! *teary*
I want O!Lightning to be the best it can possibly ever be,
so keep talking to me, and keep coming by!


Oh! and btw,
If I am the best kept Astrology Secret you know,
Tell Somebody!
Consider sending me $5 dollars a month for the work I do on the blog!!!
Look to your left to sign up through paypal. It’s that easy!!
Mama needs new shoes!

The hardest working Taurus in showbiz…
I can’t even take it! James just kills me with happiness!!!


Love YOU!!!


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