Tell Me, Decapitated Squirrel…

Isn’t that little guy cute? Do you think he is still alive?

So tell me, tell me….

What surprises has this week has brought you so far?

I’ve been getting them one after the other.

Maybe the most graphic illustration of the energy came yesterday morning when I was driving. The car in front of me ran over a squirrel.

Suddenly! (Uranus) The squirrel had his head, (Aries) violently (Mars)
removed (Uranus) causing his death (Pluto).

His head bounced over the pavement like a ping pong ball and skittered across the road right in front of my car. Gratefully, I missed it. Just yesterday I said don’t bite off anyone’s head….

Poor thing!

Talk to me, let me know in the comments just what has been surprising you!
Or… have you been the one doing the surprising? Hmmmm…

chopped any squirrel heads lately?

Or maybe just changed your mind?

love ya,

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2 Responses to Tell Me, Decapitated Squirrel…

  1. V says:

    Oh… that Full moon in Aries… I met up with another fiery ram to discuss matters of a potential disaster in a small town. What was a potential explosion of all things combustible in matters like these, turned into a relaxed and heartfelt discussion of our pasts, presents, and futures- telling girly secrets, having belly laughs and getting choked up. Who would have thought? Surprised? yes, surprised at how good I feel, and solid in my own self and that yes, there are ways to handle ANYTHING.

  2. o_lightning says:

    @ V,
    Oh Awesome! How great is that! So beautiful to channel high energy into depth and building bridges. Good surprises, love it! Very happy to hear from you. Welcome to the site!

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