Taurus New Moon Eclipse, April 28, 2014


How are you handling your beginning,
now that it’s down to the nuts and bolts?

The way things are put together matters, and we begin.
To have enough strength for this, make your body happy.

The past is past,
though you can’t help but to step on it on your way to the laundry…

I just love Shirley Ellis’ face! Capricorn/Aqua cusp… I don’t have a birth time for her she looks to have some of both, bone structure and a unique presence. What a beauty!

Some part of you may want to open up,
to open the door at last to what is really going to happen.

Is there a way we could yawn wide enough to let the cosmos in,
to mainline oxygen?
It’s half a dream, a light touch getting it right,
& half is showing up and doing the grunt work.

gruntgruntgrunt. lol.

It’s not the high gear all systems go, full speed ahead,
we’ll have that with Mars Direct in May,
instead we look around at what is left.

Find out what it will take now, and move ahead, practically.
Still the dark of the Moon all day now.

Tomorrow’s a bit brighter, we have the Eclipse over night.
Rest easy and anything that wants to fall from your fingers…?
Can you let it go?

WWJB do?

That’s the hardest working Taurus in Show Biz!

What would he do?!?
James Brown people! For a role model we could do a lot worse.

Love YOU!!!!


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2 Responses to Taurus New Moon Eclipse, April 28, 2014

  1. Tam says:

    Ha! Everywhere I go the last week or so I see a photo of a highland cow or someone is talking about a highland cow. What the heck?! 🙂

    Yes I want to open up to all of what might happen. Just for kicks I drew a double happiness symbol inside of a heart and put it in the love corner of my house and bedroom.

    Love “The Grunt”

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Tam,

      Are those cows stalking you?!? Ooooooooh!I lovelovelove that you did that. Nice work! Here is to double happiness speeding your way! xox

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