Taurus Full Moon October 27, 2015


Full Moon in Taurus today.

Let’s enjoy some transitory stability.

The shifting earth under your feet will hold up long enough for you to eat this cookie, along with a cheezy baked potato and some stew.


Scorpio Sun, Taurus Moon
Hidden Emotion.
Keep your own counsel.


Irresistible urges, along with the strength to resist them.
That’s Scorpio.

In Scorpio season we become shamans, able to imbue objects with power,
able to protect and defend ourselves energetically.

Intrigue is a powerful source,
was Pandora wrong?

When Scorpio’s give away their power,
often they give it to fear, as though it were a living entity.

Do we learn more from the things we don’t do,
or from the things we experience?

All the same, I currently recommend a conservative course of action.
Both interpersonally and otherwise.

Jupiter is not strong enough for gambling, any fallout will be prolonged by the unreliable, almost undefinable quality of the proceedings. Clearly someone is in the wrong, but whom?


Create the situations that give you pleasure.


Life is hard already, if we don’t enjoy it, there is no way to continue.

Meanwhile, the Virgo pile up won’t let you rest peacefully, there must be a properly advantageous correct result.

How can it be improved?

Scorpio provides the strategy.
Maybe you are not into killing birds, but that one stone has to earn it’s keep.

Love YOU!!!!






Yes talk to people, helping them to get ahead will also put you in the right position.


The god of opportunity has also become the god of paperwork.
Cross your T’s and dot your I’s to get what you want. Do the research.
Show up over prepared.


It seems as if there is no corner of life that has not been compromised.
hard to adjust, but that’s exactly what it is, a series of adjustments.

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