Taurus Full Moon, November 6, 2014


The Moon is Full in Taurus November 6th, 2014
Chiron @ 13 degrees sextiles the Moon and trines the Sun.

Individuate. Power beginning now, and carried over into the full November Madness!

Mercury moves to Scorpio over the weekend, and desire wins.
Whether or not you get what you want,
You are beginning to think ~ I~ not ~We~
What, Whom, do ~I~ want?
For my own reasons.

It’s private?
It’s personal.

Conversations derailed may begin again as we clear the Mercury shadow zone…
but, no guarantees.

By Monday we have a Grand Trine in Water between 2 and 4 degrees.
Chiron & Neptune are already at the degree of their stations.
Could there be foreshadowing? Or is it illusion?

What is the message, the power imbedded in the dream?


Seeds of our circumstance long buried, and now revealed.
What does it mean?

Come Back!
Here we are, on the 6th, the Moon is Full in her exaltation, TAURUS.

Venus the ruler of the Lunation, in her detriment, in a Sun/Saturn sandwich.
Jupiter Squares, & Mars/Pluto in Capricorn trines the Taurus Moon & sextles the Scorpio Sun.

Mercury the messenger still in Libra


Who thinks what is fair, is not yet old news, but it will be.
For the moment, we work/fight with others within the structure in order to break it.
Or should I say, to make it more fully what it is already becoming.
Or even has become!

To play by the ~new rules~
the ones our Eclipse built?
Not exactly, they have been comin’ on longer than that.

It’s been quite a year!

You have established new limits, and new freedoms because of your new life…
the one you are building…


Now you see the results of having those new structures in place.
It’s more than a test drive. This is your real life.
Taurus makes certain of that.

For the Lunation, Venus is ruled by Mars,
& Mars by Saturn, & actually, Saturn by Mars
What were saying about authority, what about the rules?
Capricorn Mars helps Taurus. The little engine that could.

How does it feel to be here where you never imagined yourself?
Or here where you have been climbing so hard to arrive?

Iron girders lifted with heavy machines. Earth Movers.
Mars in Capricorn. We can’t snap our fingers to get what we want,
~ you know how construction drags on~
but we would be foolish to say that we have not gotten,
or are not in the middle of of getting it.
The balance is tipping.

Uranus has long distance relationship with Venus by way of a potent square with Mars.
Sudden changes, that have been a long time in coming…

Debts will be called in, lines toed.

You are given the opportunity to make good on your word,
or balance your check book, emotionally or otherwise.

Take care of your body.
Enjoy it. So many things a body can do.

Let someone please you? That could be nice…
Please yourself?
Taurus can and she will.
Beautiful, Right?

My old friend Jacob, over at Cumbancha just sent me this track. Rocky Dawuni!

…dance with me?

Love YOU!!!


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  1. Char says:

    Thanks Omi! Love to you! You keep sharing such wonderful and inspiring astrology with all of us out here……love your style 🙂

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