Taurus Full Moon, November 17, 2013


Do we follow the rules?
Is there an undertow?
Oh you bet there is, an undertow and a bounce!

Scorpio Sun Opposes Taurus Moon on Sunday,
That’s what a Full Moon is!

The Sun and Moon look at each other and say ~My my what have we done?~

It’s tempting to feel so good that you could make biggie mistakes.
Then again, no reason you have to.

Chiron’s Direct on Tuesday to clean up the mess,
if there happens to be a mess to clean up.

Could be all good. Catalyst, Catharsis,
Catastrophe? No.
No Catastrophe.
At this moment Jupiter loves you too much for that.
(even with the Moon on Algol)
Mercury North Node won’t let you forget where you are headed


Over the weekend…could be Neptune buys Venus/Pluto/Uranus a drink,
and takes you on a little detour…

Could it change everything?

Well sure, but that’s how you know you are alive:
Things Change.


Straight up Success? Progress?
Don’t rule it out!
Rewards show out on a Full Moon ruled by Venus,
in this case, (Saturn style) rewards for grit and determination.
For sticking to your values in those difficult conversations. Remember:


Love YOU!!!


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