Synastry Alchemy

I was thinking about the alchemical quality of Synastry over the last few days.

Synastry is what happens when we interact.
When the planets in my chart hit the planets in yours.

Now why is it that we always say hit or strike in regard to these things? hmmm?

Aren’t there some people who immediately boost your confidence?
You feel like a sexy philosopher around them or
like the most capable genie in the bottle…?!

Cracking myself up! Who wants to feel like that?!
Ok, you feel, well, any way that you feel.

Don’t some people instantly relax you, while others set your teeth on edge?

One of thing things that always strikes me about losing people in your life,
whether through death or distance, is that you also lose
the person you are in their presence.

and that can be one of the hardest things to do without

Every kind of relationship creates it’s own alchemy,
and you are never the same without them.

Some times it is simply enough to have felt that energetic combination,
so you know that about yourself. You know, for good or ill,
what you are capable of.

True Story.

Don’t some people inspire you to sacrifice endlessly for them,
and they may not even be interested in your efforts…. !

While others you just want to slap and say pull yourself together man,
what are you, a worm?!

How about those people you can never hate no matter how wretchedly they behave, what is with that?!
You want to pummel them and wind up cracking a smile because they know how to get to you…

or people who really don’t deserve it, but for some reason
you can’t even be bothered to take them seriously, or if you do, it’s even worse!

The people you leave behind because you just don’t want to be “that person”!
The one they see that way.

People show up with something to teach you,(about yourself)
usually just when you need to learn it!

Is that astrology talk for pain? Maybe, maybe not!
Some lessons ARE fun.

and some…. you know, less than.

So the study of Synastry is the study of how your chart comes together
and meshes with someone else’s and it can be extremely illuminating!

Knowing your chart, and the chart of the person involved,
helps insure every psychodrama doesn’t have to go down the same rabbit hole…

When you can see the energies at play, you have options!

There are a myriad of ways to express an interchange….
finding those chinks in the reactive armour is how you write a new story,
instead of playing out the same old scripts.

and then

there is what is called a composite chart, and this really does describe what dynamics play out in the relationship itself. Not how you feel or interact….
but what happens!

and if you want to know more… talk to an astrologer!

Love YOU!!!


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6 Responses to Synastry Alchemy

  1. sophiepiscesmoon says:

    Just a wonderful post..especially for the tail end of saturn in libra where relationships have been on people’s minds so much (even if they don’t know astrology!) As I learn more about astrology and synastry and consider how this translates as energy in and between people, I find myself attempting to ‘feel’ a person out and ponder to myself their planets and how they might be contacting mine before I turn to the charts. Experiencing the world this way makes sense to my moon cj jupiter in pisces…it provides a framework for the myriad sensations I receive from others – until recently I didn’t realise what it was or what was happening. I now listen to and reflect on what I am feeling more intensely, really taking these energies seriously. I appreciate your articulating these experiences in your post, especially as I often worry we are living in times when people do their best to avoid feeling anything too deeply (as yes, it can be painful). xxx

  2. o_lightning says:

    Thank You sophiepiscesmoon!

    Astrology does work it’s way into everything once you know about it. There is such an endless variety of energy in people to experience, for which I am infinitely grateful.

  3. Rochelle Licata says:

    From our first breath to our last, the Creator gives us everything we need, and usually, it comes in the form of someone who will not or cannot give us what we want.

  4. o_lightning says:

    Hi Rochelle!

    Nice to hear from you! That’s a potent sentiment. It makes me think of becoming whole within ourselves. To be our own source. <3 xo

  5. Sophiepiscesmoon says:

    Oh, I’m so fond of this, glad you re-posted. Do you know, this is what led me to Justin Townes Earle and after a summer of playing his records I bumped into him on the street about 10mins from my flat in the London suburbs as I walked home from work. I shook his hand and shared a few words, it was an eerie and unforgettable moment. x

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