Swirling Bone Crushing Vortex of Emotion

Or, maybe not, right?
That expression jumped from god knows where to my mind as I sat down to write.

This Full Moon in Cancer is on Sunday. Aspects are stronger as they apply,
So expect to feel deeply from now to Sunday/Monday Morning.
Not that Deep Feelings are bad!
After all, we would be zombies with out them! Walking around half dead…
but even so, some of these are biggies!

And yet, as you approach them they do shrink to something more manageable,
there is support here for doing the work, for processing your feelings, for letting go. Take care of the Details a la Mars in Virgo, and things will begin to relax…

Featured themes:
The Women in your life, Mamas, Babies, Family, Security,
as it is the Cancer/ Capricorn axis we can also think of Career, Stability and your place in the Wide World.

I think Alice here looks to be the embodiment of a Creative Little Crab,
trying to make her way …

If you know where 18 Cancer falls in your chart look to that house, for the details, or give me a shout, and we will sort it.

Full Moons are awareness, right, so something of a time of emotional revelations, and often a time to let go of, to finish something that has run it’s course,
whether an idea, a relationship or an emotional pattern.

this snippet is by Stephen Dunn:

But just when we think we have it,
the personal goes the way of
belief. What seemed so deep
begins to seem naive, something
that could be trusted
because we hadn’t read Plato
or held two contradictory ideas
or women in the same day.
Love, then, becomes an old movie.
Loss seems so common
it belongs to the air,
to breath itself, anyone’s.

We’re left with style, a particular
way of standing and saying,
the idiosyncratic look
at the frown which means nothing
until we say it does. Years later,
long after we believed it peculiar
to ourselves, we return to love.

We return to everything
strange, inchoate, like living
with someone, like living alone,
settling for the partial, the almost
satisfactory sense of it.

Saw that on Whiskey River honestly, that place never fails.

Something about the openness of Stephen Dunn’s train of thought appeals to me.
He seems to say, it’s all included: the journey from certainty to the acceptance of uncertainty, to the abiding revelation of love.

From my heart to yours: Have a Beautiful Weekend!



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