Sun in Virgo! + Mars/Saturn & Mercury/Venus/Jupiter




Earthly Matters, Values, Resources, Practical Magic,

Blocked action?
Or concentrated?
There will be a focal point, it looks like a test.

Pisces adds releasing old wounds,the capacity to self forgive, to learn from our mistakes, to accept the awkward unfinished reality of others, who are not as we would have them, but simply as they are.

How well you like this week may have something to do with how well you like the pragmatic side of reality.
Limber up your brain to make use of what you find.

Now we finish a two year cycle and begin the next.
about damn time! lol

Sagittarius deals with foreigners, ethics, religion, value systems, education, morals, philosophy, understanding, big picture, what it takes to go beyond, where knowledge expands, what constitutes justice, mastering your amoral/immoral impulses.

Virgo is about refining the raw material, taking something general and making it specific, making sure it’s appropriate.
Knowledge of the minutia gives you power over the end result.
Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter come together before slipping into Libra.
There is good news with strong potential to carry you into the future.

Can you use what you learn?
With Mars and Saturn together, if you need to work hard now
you should be able to push ahead.

Locate the bottom line and take a step.
If you are experiencing fear or frustration try to translate that into direct action.
What steps can you take?
The focus on mutable signs means there is always an opening, with Gemini at the base of the T-square there may be TWO ways ahead.

The malefics meet in Sagittarius
The benifics in Virgo.

You can use them both.

Which avenue do you choose?
Who to believe in?

Believe in yourself.

Your journey, your story, your life!

Love YOU!!!!


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2 Responses to Sun in Virgo! + Mars/Saturn & Mercury/Venus/Jupiter

  1. connelly567 says:

    As of this moment, I have 4 planets plus the NN in my 10th house Virgo. Transiting Jupiter is trining my natal 2nd house Jupiter as transiting 2nd house Saturn is squaring natal 10th house Saturn. Had a curve ball thrown at me in work this week and it may prove fatal or the beginning of a re-birth. All or nothing, this is the situation I am facing but I’m optimistic that my support system will be there for me. Just in time for Jupiter walking into my sun sign, Libra.

    BTW, your choice of images for your posts are so intelligent, highly original and well researched….unique among web-sites. I get alot of ideas and inspiration from them.

    • o_lightning says:

      Thank you Connelly567!
      It sounds like an exciting (nerve wracking) time for your career. Jupiter is going to help no matter what! I’ll be thinking of you!! xo

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