Sun conjunct Neptune & A look at Our Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse, March 8, 2016




Pisces appears as a season, letting days slip through your fingers. Implausible, except for the lies, which aren’t completely lies. It’s easy enough to have compassion for everyone in the situation, but compassion is not a solution, it’s a mode of operation.Or is it?
A method that sustains, while the dancers trade places and the principals exchange masks. Allowing the unexpected to arrive as a gift, already unwrapped, possibly fermenting, and beginning to entwine with your consciousness. Something simple with wonder, perverse with longing, and rich in the rejection of what is, for the possibility of what may yet be.

A narrow vein that widens to a universe. A universe that collapses to a rapidly inhaled smoke filled breath. A breath held, and released to nothing. A deviation in the cells, in the stars. Is a crime being committed? An inner change that suddenly finds you taking new steps. Walking backwards down suspect streets. Uncharacteristic, having embraced and renounced all traits in equal measure. Be sure now to enjoy what we have had and will have no longer. Don’t wait for the solution, or even the puzzle. Create the enigma, & because with Jupiter in Virgo you can’t give up or stop working Live the question. Spellbinding and in inexplicable motion. A spider web if a spider wandered. Allow yourself the freedom of those eyes closed dancers lost in the music.

What are you asked to begin now, and in the season of our New Moon Eclipse on March 8th at 18 Pisces?
You don’t know.

Instead you begin anywhere, wherever, oblivious to consequence, with a forgotten wish deep in your pocket like a paper heart slipped inside the warm lining by a lover to whom you no longer speak. A spell cast that echos out and informs your motions. A wish you forgot you made.

The release may not be painless, the combination of Jupiter and Saturn in mutable signs stands ready to punish the unethical with deletion, loss, exclusion, hypocrites do beware. Even if you err on the right side of the rainbow, you may suffer a subtraction, without which you can not be free. The catalyst is pervasive and ethereal. Isn’t fame the loss of anonymity?

Pinned between Eclipses, the surreal becomes a commonplace, as reality picks us up and prepares to drop us into our new circumstance. We meet and part altered, taking the tornado to OZ as we do twice a year, every year the Season of our Eclipses.

A tiny vortex is implausibly crafted of our very own reality, our channel is warped and then our filter is switched to change the settings.
There IS a before and after, and we do need one, as you will see.

That sound is a flutter, as a bird makes ready at the rooftop to try and catch the wind.


Love YOU!!!


For the second Eclipse, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on March 23 it completes an Aries/Libra cycle that has been two years in the making. The Full Moon will close the season and set us on our way with the strength of a warrior and the patient heart of a saint, (No really! Mars in Scorp. Sun in Aries, Venus in Pisces, and Moon in Libra!)

We are becoming who we need to be, thank Goodness! & I’ll write more about the Aries/Libra Eclipse as we get close.


What do up think of Jupiter in Virgo magnifying the details?!
The yin and yang of it:
So many humble things to be grateful for!
Each little tiny accomplishment takes all day!!


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4 Responses to Sun conjunct Neptune & A look at Our Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse, March 8, 2016

  1. Sophie says:

    I really like the picture of dancing. That is exactly how I dance – Pisces Moon style! I awoke one morning another a month or so ago and the voice that sometimes speaks to me said ‘where is the time for dancing’. Maybe it is coming soon. xx

  2. t says:

    yes! this is The season of seasons I reckon.

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