Starting to STOP! October 16, 2012 Redux

Holy Hellfire! Have people gotten good at saying NO.

Have you witnessed this?!

NO. Sans apology and with minimal explanation.

NO NO No NO Noooo!

Saturn in Scorpio Style.

Course there is an upside…

You can Stop (saturn) your Obsessions (scorpio)

It’s a great time for bad habits to die.
That would make Venus in Virgo happy,

Venus in Virgo loves healthy living.

I just drank a giant kale apple ginger lemon juice,
It was delicious, but I still want a prize!

I want people to say YES to me!

I hate no. I hate saying it, and I hate hearing it!

I like saying YES.

Balance Balance…blah blah blah…

Saturn in Scorpio is not particularly balanced.

It’s going to get off on the whole ‘No‘ biz.

People say no a lot when they are scared. Like a kid in a corner.
NO. and you can’t make me!

A better use of the energy is sever contact with the people who drain you,
(there is your NO.)
and devote, (a scorpio word, Scorps are DEVOTED) yourself to those you love.

Say Yes to them.

Yes Yes YES!

There. Now doesn’t that feel fantastic?!



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  1. Django Hulphers says:

    I hope you get a prize

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