Stars in Sssssspppppaaaaaccce

Man! What a space head I am today… feel the Neptune everybody?

Between the Moon opposing my Mercury, and Neptune opposing my Moon, I am practically tripping. Hella distracted.. oh was that a butterfly, wait what was I doing? I feel just like this chica the Sartorialist captured on her carousel at the LV fashion show such a great idea… round and round.

We are gliding along to a full moon in Aries (I will talk about Aries! I will! I promise.) There may be some turbulence upon landing, tremors Sunday to be followed by Mondays blast off, for some of us to parts unknown. Aries, how are you feeling? Tell us about it in the comments! For now, make music, make love, have a drink, watch that butterfly, that sunset, where did that hour go… what was I supposed to be doing?
Stars, by Warpaint

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2 Responses to Stars in Sssssspppppaaaaaccce

  1. emily says:

    I’m an Aries, and wow am I tripping! The insomnia of late is making me feel like a butterfly when I should be in my cocoon, and a lethargic overstuffed caterpillar when I should be feeling like a butterfly!


  2. o_lightning says:

    Hi Dearest Emily,

    Hopefully you will have some relief by Tuesday. The Aries full Moon we are heading to is a whopper! Pay attention to all the things pissing you off, write them down if need be to get some distance from them. Things can turn on a dime on Monday, (setbacks are possible as well) and it’s nice to be prepared. I think I’ll write this in my general Aries post as well.Some of the agitation you are feeling may also be Uranus in your sign that amped up planet is FULL of electricity! Seriously. Can be buzz buzz buzz and jittery. LOVE YOU!!!

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