Spilled Milk and Mixed Emotion, 2Ways2 Tightrope

The Moon is in CANCER

Can you tell?

She is feeling a little agitated.. a little moved, an little distracted…
and you know hungry for whatever she needs..

bang, crash, ooops, what? oh yeah…

Cut your self some slack, but don’t loose focus. You can do this.

My friend XXXX sent this beautifully deep song so perfect for this morning.


The opening line is “So your wishing you never did all the embarrassing things you’ve done….”

Man! Made me cry
You can hear it uninterrupted over here.
That’s the name of the song.

I had to think too, of this Cancer Moon, Sagg. Sun hottie walking her Tightrope
as BoB says “But I’m a different planet so excuse my astrology..”


Drink your milk kittens…

and if you spill it, feel the love…


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2 Responses to Spilled Milk and Mixed Emotion, 2Ways2 Tightrope

  1. charlotte says:

    Wow! Thanks, so sweet it warmed my heart! Also very poignant!

    I have been feeling like there is spilled milk all around me and I don’t feel like cleaning it up…or meeting all of my responsibilities.

    But I am also feelin the love in waves of understanding.

  2. o_lightning says:

    Oh, Charlotte, I can relate. We are in the dark of the moon, when it would be nice to have some down time, some time to just dream our dreams

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