Songs about the Moon…

People do sing about the Moon, don’t they, even now

Let’s hear some moony songs from way back

This is Annette Handshaw,

Check out this interview, it’s terribly interesting!

I love her speaking voice!

She’s a Libra with Mercury in Scorpio!

Can you hear the Scorp. in her voice?!

Annette has her Moon, Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn.
Dosn’t it sound as if she thinks she should have had to work harder?

Venus, Mars and Uranus in Sagittarius,
a true free spirit!

Did you hear her say how she was only in it for the money?
People who combine strong Libra with easy breezy Sagittarius can say the most amazing things and still sound absolutely gentile and lovely!
I adore the combo! So refreshing!

That Capricorn gives her very high standards, but I love her songs!
They have charm!

Let’s listen to Ethel Waters who was Annette’s favorite.

MoonGlow! I like it! Ethel has depth… she really develops the song
and the finish is gorgeous…

She is a Scorpio, and she lived a life that proves it….
( a tale for another day)

This simple style of singing makes me happy.
I think it will make a comeback.

Those old singers must have felt so Modern!
Making records!

Using the New technology and singing for all the world to hear!

Neptune in LEO for much of the 1920’s…
New ways to show off and be seen! Records… Film!
That seems about right!

Everything old is new again…


Love YOU!

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2 Responses to Songs about the Moon…

  1. oriana Fine says:

    Wow I have crazy astro in common with Annette: sun libra, merc in scorp, venus in sagg, and jupiter cap. neato

  2. o_lightning says:

    Sweet! I really like those signs together, it’s a nice balance!

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