Some thoughts on using the Grand Trine in Earth


Those who do well with interpersonal boundaries fare best now.

Slippery slopes can be deadly, keep on your side of the law, the fence, the equation.
With this much Earth in the sky, each pendulum swing can knock your lights right out.

Humbly do your best work, while in the back of your head genius flashes of insight illuminate future directions.

If you pare down to the essentials in your day to day experience, there is plenty of room for the sudden epiphany or contact with a new person who comes bearing gifts and shows you an avenue that branches from the door you worked so hard to push open.

Cumbersome, isolated, authentic, unpleasantly nostalgic, awkward.

Deliberate, serious, untrained, over-earnest, cold-hearted, hard working,
one foot out the door to the next absolutely massive adventure.

Don’t underestimate what you are doing, or what you have done so far, slowly, slowly.

How about a combination of cliches?
Build bridges as you go, but don’t forget which side your bread is buttered on..


Jupiter moves forward now, finally. A gift for the kids who did their homework.
Slackers may find themselves “liberated” of possessions, relationships, jobs, even homes.
Mars/Saturn ruled by a Mercury ruled Jupiter may give you the gift of trying to leave a situation you are also trying to cling to. A hero’s effort may be required.

Still, many will hear a potent rumor of good news that later becomes a confusing reality,
as Mercury goes direct, and Venus catches up to the Gemini Sun near the end of May/beginning of June for a confusing grand mutable cross.

We make our imperfect way these days.
and it’s a struggle to even do that!


Don’t look back! Enjoy it ALL.

Love YOU!!!





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