Solstice, Missy Elliot Combo

When I woke up this morning the first thought I had was
“It’s SO dark.”

Peeps, it’s so dark,

…..and is it just me or are the stars doing a pretty good imitation of Merc Retch,
with the Sun nearing the end of Sagg, and Mercury
still there, with Venus and Neptune acting up in Aqua

Missed connections, crossed wires, and a general loose loopiness
that knows no bounds.

This is when we are supposed to remember our inner fire.

Sometimes when people tell me that, I get pissed.
Is that hot feeling of anger my inner fire…?
(kidding) sort of….

The heat and light of our beating hearts

Use your fire for good.

Saturn is still in Libra = We must respect our partners and allies.

This tune oughta warm you up, if you need some extra heat.
Missy Elliot is a Cancer Sun, Libra Moon, Mars in Aqua, Venus in Gem.

With the Cardinal Sun and Moon combo she has,
you know she’s up for deep Artistic Reinvention in 2012… that will be rad!

I put it on both ways ’cause I got the Gemini



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