So Much Earth

Moving mountains. These days it’s all about what you do.

Did you or didn’t you?

Will you or won’t you?

How well is it done?

What are the tangible rewards?

With so much EARTH in the sky, sometimes it just gots to beez like that.

Don’t sleep on your chances to make things happen, earth signs can be a little stodgy like that… MAKE YOUR OPPORTUNITIES HAPPEN if you can see that it could work… give it a spin, reach out, man up… even if that doesn’t happen, something will, because you moved the energy forward, feel me?

Meanwhile we are building to a full moon on in Cancer on the weekend…
you might just feel like hiding…

Try to let the emos come and go… (for a min, I mentally substituted the word elmo for the word emo, and imagined horrible little giggling elmos coming and going.. argh!)

Insights are headed your way, and although there may be no “right” answer,
don’t fret, keep working, make it happen where you can…

Going up the rough side of the mountain.
I heart the way she says that.

Love YOU!


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6 Responses to So Much Earth

  1. M says:

    You are the 2nd person to tell me “don’t fret” today on the interwebz! (It’s that linguistic coincidence thing happening again…)

  2. Jen says:

    Earth-shaking time indeed for this triple Capricorn in the midst of a Saturn Return!

  3. Elouise says:

    Love the graphic – just how I feel. His (Taurus) Saturn on my Virgo Sun in the 12th.

    • o_lightning says:

      Thank you Elouise! Welcome! That is just what I thought of when I saw the picture, Virgo carrying Taurus!
      Now I just need to find one of Capricorn carrying Virgo, Carrying Taurus..
      Those Sun/Saturn Aspects are heavy, at times, no? But also can be very a very close, very real bond. xox

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