Simple ‘Scopes & A Podcast: Libra New Moon October 16, 2020

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It’s you taking aim, and also you, sharpening your knife, and it’s you addressing old grievances, and it’s you bravely, and humbly, hoping your heroism has merit. As new information emerges, use every bit of your understanding. Action not reaction.


New levels of love, of money, of work? Since you know you don’t have the whole picture, or all of the information, there is no rush to commit. Enjoy the attention. Allow doors to open, as many as you like.


The world is not exactly arranged for your pleasure at the moment, except for one little thing, and that thing IS arranged not only to please you, but to help you please yourself. Create.


I got you something! It’s a Cardinal T-square! With so much weight falling on you from so many directions, don’t push yourself. Accept yourself. When you hear new information, you think new thoughts. Close your eyes and ask for guidance. Listen.


The threads in your life maybe don’t want to be woven into a so-called rich tapestry. Maybe they just like being threads. News from home? Put it in context wherever you can find some. Let go of this idea of absolutes. A new connection with community expands your mind.


If someone offers you a job, you can always say yes and figure it out later. The details are certainly not set. If something is making you uncomfortable, think about WHY. There is so much to know here. You have protection, so open to your own perception and see what you know.


This one is for you! Of course it hurts and of course you will use all of your skills to navigate. Begin where you can, by doing what you think is right. As blood and secrets are spilled, keep two things close to your heart. One is that you have an angel in your corner, the other, that this story and what you are learning, is not even kind of over.


What is it you’re not saying… yet? If you get a shock, consider that you may also be shocking. Your place in the community is not at stake. Don’t guard your resources, they truly are inexhaustible.


That sinking feeling that you don’t know all the details? That’s because you don’t know all the details. Important people think well of you. They want what’s best for your wallet. Participate and let the story develop.


– Never a moment’s peace in centuries- that’s what Mrs Underwood says in John Crowly’s novel Little BIG. Don’t you feel it tho? The thing is, peace is not what you need. What you need is EVOLUTION.


How come creation, romance and tragedy have to come so tightly twined? The ground IS trembling under your feet, but you of all people don’t want to stand still. In the future, not even so far from now, you will walk through these doors that you see standing open before you. Messy as they are, these responsibilities are an honor.


Love, Sex, Money, or other entanglements are on offer, of course it all comes with strings. If you don’t know how you feel, I would say that’s more than justified. Let the story come to you. Nothing you learn will be wasted.

Love YOU!!!


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