Simple ‘Scopes and a Podcast, Pisces New Moon March 13, 2020


Try to imagine things don’t turn out the way they usually do. You have a pretty solid window to effect the changes you want. It seems a dream, but it’s real now.


You can’t fix everything, but you do have help. Look around you. Sure you are spending money at an amazing clip, I imagine you are getting value. All the same don’t substitute things for principles.


The power of words! Plenty of support for publishing, expansion, even travel. How can you show the world how you feel?


Who you trust gets a restructure, as does where you are going. It’s a good idea to imagine open doors and landscapes. What looks ethical and kind?


Something being born in the deepest part of you. The most hidden spot. Your desire to merge is honestly beautiful, and there will be substantial partnerships if you want them.


Who is that looking at you with such love?Take care of your ordinary tasks, and they will take care of you.


If ongoing health problems have been an issue you should turn a corner now. Your engine is still revving a little hot. This may manifest as anger or depression. Both? Don’t discount what you can do with the love you have been given, just because it’s yours.


This looks like fun for you. Creatively, with children, with art, play becomes possible. And as you do it, a gift.


Home is where the heart is, and your heart is looking like a newly open flower. Protect this one, and all the creatures that live with her. But do it gently, she’s got to bloom.


If you open your mind to the best possible… not even outcomes, more like perspectives, there will be a gift that arrives as heightened perception. A change in awareness is change.


It could be financial, a blessing for you or someone else. The underlying story continues, can you bend some of your structures? Bend is better than break for you, though harder to believe in. Try it.


You waited this whole long time for us to come to you, even though you are at the heart. You can be who you want to be now. You don’t have to sell it, you are it. Power is already yours.

Love YOU!!!



A very Pisces thought:

-But that’s what the real lie consists of, that’s the crime: lying to oneself, being in disharmony with one’s own truth, one’s own innermost knowledge of things, as revealed through one’s consciousness. Objectivity, in fact, means just this: to be in harmony with one’s own subjectivity, not to lie to oneself.— Eugene Ionesco

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