Simple ‘Scopes and a podcast for the Pisces Full Moon September 2, 2020

Listen UP!


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Pressure to act, and perhaps some health related revelation. It’s the body/etheric body
continuum. Allow yourself to be informed not only by the facts, but by your responses to them.


Romantic, creative, and filled to the brim with deeply suppressed anger you won’t be able to release anytime soon. Gratitude, communication, creation; whatever you have, give it wings.


Maybe if we all stare at you long enough we will know how to behave. You have deep level support for what you are up against. Release Release Release.


Somebody loves you and it doesn’t make your life any easier! Not the way they show it. If you open up your mouth, remember to put what you want in it. Co-create.


What happens financially? Do those roots go deep? A change is for the better, you are in a growth phase, backward, forward, sideways, it’s all progress.


Queen of the world right now! But what a world! Your own deep motivations get you into uncomfortable situations. Look at the big picture, open your heart.


Enemies don’t give up, but neither do those who love you. You are shaking free of something that continues to plague you, and this is a very long time to continue shaking and shaking. Congratulations on your perseverance. Using your voice has a direct impact on your health.


Bottle it up? Not this time. You’re not invisible, everyone can see, so act, don’t react. You might have a really good idea, or just get drunk and need a nap. If you take the nap, you still might wake up with a really good idea.


A watershed moment? A flower blooming inside your heart? Creativity, Money, & Intimacy; it’s a hell of a cocktail. What happens at home?


Since you are long term remodeling your internal landscape, including your views on, oh let’s see… responsibility, integrity, humanity, & freedom, you might as well rework intimacy, and creative pleasure… kidding, kidding, not kidding. Don’t judge yourself if you have a big cry.


Does something spill out of your unconscious to fight with you? Any losses now will be gathered as gains in a few weeks time. Strangely enough, this is prep.


It’s YOUR MOON. Should I tell you you can cry if you want to? You know that already. What you might not know is that all the tiny elements are conspiring in your favor just like woodland creatures in a Disney Movie. Whatever the challenge, you are the protagonist that we all want to help.

Love YOU!!!



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