Simple ‘Scopes & a Podcast, Sagittarius New Moon Eclipse December 14, 2020


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You do have the heavy artillery. If all heads swivel when you enter the room they are not looking at who is behind you. You’ve had to wait so long, and in that time you have been building self control, deep honesty and competence. You don’t have to wait now.



Don’t tip over the apple-cart because you are bored, or let your ego or insecurities boss you around. There is plenty happening already and you are extra alluring. Enjoy the attention you get. Use your down time. You won’t have it forever.



You can run but you can’t hide. Drink the truth serum and revel in BIG REALITY energetics. Go radical relationship reset/renew/revive re-energize.



Despite the intensity, don’t overthink it! You go from scanning the crowd to an up close meeting with the stars. What’s that like? Well, I hope you will tell me!



All systems are certainly going somewhere! A creative merger is in the works, whether you can see it already, or not. You are getting approval, and something that looks like passport stamps, even if you don’t leave home.



Family truths emerging? Teaching/Travel/God related information or relevance? Old secrets are told and they energize the politics. You may not have the answers but at least you get a map of the territory.



I don’t think anyone is going to shut you up now, but do be strategic. That’s one of your best skills anyway. Wait to pounce until the 19th if you can. The conflict is not going anywhere and you want to be effective.











Big money moves or a reaffirmation of self love, you can see your value reflected, and I hope you can feel it. Old news should prove beneficial on balance. Give it a minute so you act, not react.



It’s your beginning. Here, now, when you really do need one. Take it. You are about to graduate from -how do I know my own value? – school. Whatever else you may have to navigate, a victory dance is required!



Psychic explosion that reawakens your core? Or maybe I could rephrase that, as something of an exorcism that establishes your renewed vitality. The pressure has been on you so long. It changes now from what you think your life is made of, to an open question: What you are building with your life?



Could it be Star Time? Nearly! You are about to be the most important person in the room! Say what you want, and listen up, you are surrounded by wish fulfillment specialists, the only criteria? Don’t feed your fears.



If you are getting destiny vibes you are catching on. To remember: this life is actually yours. Don’t govern by committee. But do expect to hear from your boss or career news. Do what you feel is right, and when I say – you – I mean every part of you, not just the bits that are convenient. You need your whole self for this one. Stay in touch.

Love YOU!!!






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