Simple ‘Scopes & a Podcast October 31, 2020




It’s not like the moon makes you more angry. You already know how angry you are. Secrets that emerge, sudden situations, whatever it is, it falls on you to be the teacher, to set the example.The emotional cost may be high, pay it. Whatever you find out is worth knowing.


Surprise! I hope it doesn’t hurt, I mean really, though I won’t guarantee it. The fact that you have core values is an advantage. Your personal autonomy is one of them. Sexier than ever? Oh I think so! Who shows up for you? What do they ask?


Don’t you hate it when your subconscious comes bursting through? If something has to change, the reasons are massive. Incontrovertible. Accept, adjust.


They love you alright, isn’t that part of where the sacrifice comes from? Mixed messages continue, that’s not the shock. I want to say what happens at home interferes with partnership, but that’s old news too.

The surprise comes in relationship to your hopes and dreams, and the resources you have to fulfill them.


It’s on your family axis. Mom and Dad, home and career, living situation and reputation.
Out of an abundance of caution, isn’t that the phrase we hear these days? Do that. Be that. Gentle as you can. Easy enough to twist your ankle if you talk on the phone while you hike. Be in one place at a time.


Money comes in anyway, and the big question is, what are you finding out? What do they say? Information is elevation. It’s serious: get lifted.


You are still reworking the same material. Be prepared for a shock. These entanglements don’t end, all the same, you are learning what kinds of freedoms follow destruction.


Who lets go first? Which attachments keep you safe? And which can you barely tolerate? As you rework old thought patterns, you begin to see exactly which cords renew you and which you might cut, it’s for your own well-being.


Oh it’s about to change now. Hopefully your habits, not just your health. Partnership doesn’t always come naturally to you, but you need it now. Let a friend do what they can.


Symbolically we see a creative baby born out of wedlock. What could that mean? You don’t trust many people these days, and honestly, why should you? You have an advantage though, people trust you.


The surprise is intimate.Where are you being called to go? This is grown up stuff, and if nothing else, you have certainly become an adult, recognize, enjoy, and respect yourself.


Your existence itself is the magic we need. Listen up: your Full Moon message is very stark. I don’t think you need me to tell you how to read it. Let me tell you something else instead: you don’t have to do a thing until you are ready, and when you are ready, no one can stop you.

Love YOU!!!!


The Amazing Zev Fiddle Oak!


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