Simple ‘Scopes & a Podcast: New Moon in Virgo September 17, 2020

Listen UP!

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You’ve been problem solving your health for a little while now, I think it’s working! Your daily life gets an upgrade, & your counterpart shares a secret that’s not a secret anymore. Helpful? I don’t know, maybe, but it kind of blows the doors off the barn.


Are you shocking yourself, or does someone do it for you? This time in a good way. Your creativity is taking you somewhere, you don’t have to keep holding back. Investigate whatever rabbit holes you need to, and most importantly BEGIN.


MyMyMy your words pack an extra punch these days. You can be subtle, but right now snarky might be more like it. It’s a perfect moment for sex with at home with your sweetheart if you can forgive them for not following your advice.


Someone picks up the other end of the jump rope! Oh thank God! I thought you might hold that thing forever. You do have an audience, but you’re not in the tournament yet. Easy does it, light swing. Whatever song you’re singing we hear you.


Busy, and getting that validation you crave. Ok it’s not on your terms. Still works, though, you are still adored. Ethically, are you honest, or following the rules? Can you be both? Yes, let it wash over you. Yes, keep digging.


It’s your Moon baby! You don’t necessarily get your way. You DO get a massive boost of energy that you can use on what you love best: making improvements! Also God has a plan for you, don’t tell me you haven’t heard!?


If you don’t have anything nice to say… but I think you do, or you of all people can make it nice. Your unconscious has a message of unity for that absolute quagmire of a home/family/internal landscape. It doesn’t solve everything, but what can be acknowledged or what is broken in to pieces can be handled and perhaps changed. Your package arrives from IKA and you do have all the tools to assemble it.


Are you watching your dreams spring to life? Whatever delays come up, you need them, Your opinions might not be popular, but you are. Something you have been trying to understand finally loosens up and lets you in. It’s the gift of optimism, a way takes shape.


The stopped clock of your finances finally moves a tic, and that behemoth on your chest lets you breathe. Well, it lets you breathe a little. So how do you look? Responsible! That’s how, & no I’m not insulting you. You wear it well. <3 Capricorn

Are you, dare I say it, having a good time?? Well, no. But are you? I mean, a little? Personal archaeological core excavation continues unabated, or it SHOULD and yes, so does your internal frustration. That said, in a few short months you will have all the keys you need to decipher your past.


If you have a sex partner this is definitely the time to act on your fantasies. If not, maybe you are just saved by the bell, by the money, by the loan or gift. It’s all an advantage.

Now that you know what you believe is true, you can still take your time deciding what to do about it.


The offer is there. It doesn’t mean you have to take it, just do what feels strong. Do you want an accomplice or an adversary? This Moon is a reboot, a fresh start on your ideas of partnership, of commitment.

Remember, your most valuable allegiance is to yourself. Genius ideas show up. For goodness sake, use them! They’re your ideas!

Love YOU!!


What could be more Virgo than this?!

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