Simple Scopes & a Podcast, Full Moon in LEO January 28



Synthesize what you know about dedication, what you know about holistic commitment, ground yourself in that knowledge and find a release.


Are you the instigator? Very unlike you… and yet there looks to be an opportunity here, an opening, high drama? So what!


Even if it’s not your fireworks you can for sure enjoy the show! Mercury is about to retrograde, but this Full Moon gives you something new that you can fully launch after February 20th.


Looks like you are on the receiving end of some genuine big dick energy. Could be fun, and jokes aside, what takes place under the Full Moon may be meaningful. It does penetrate.


It’s more than a glow up, it’s a moment of powerful self expression. Pressure? CERTAINLY. Show up as you wish. Bring your whole self with you.


Sometimes letting go is a style of opening up. There is a big wind blowing through you. Let it happen.


You won’t be bored. Something is happening at home, or with your dependents, something is happening, creatively or romantically, money, sex, or secrets factor in, and it’s all on a backdrop of your hopes and dreams. Use the energy. You do have goals!


What kind of message do you receive? Act. Don’t react. This is a MASSIVE energy exchange, use it to get what you want, not sting your own foot.


It looks like you might have somewhere to go! If you are feeling boxed in, open your mind and let that wild horse run around a bit. Do that before you open your mouth.


It’s a pivotal moment. Don’t let that scare you. Sometimes Capricorn Climbers hate to be stuck and love to hate it. This is not about stuck. Let yourself pivot.


The Sun conjuncts Jupiter in your sign. Lots of pressure, perhaps a crisis but a door opens wide, despite, or because of it. This is one where you don’t always know when you are having good luck.


If you hear something that knocks you off balance, is it possible what within that conflict there is a seed of what you want more than anything else?

Love YOU!!!


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