Simple Scopes & A Podcast: Full Moon Eclipse November 30, 2020


Have you done it? Some of it? Release the beast! Armed with what you know now, you can position yourself. Self-actualization? I think yes.


Let yourself take it all in. Just receive whatever comes through. There should be a genuine opportunity. You yourself are the actual wild card, tho I doubt you will feel that way.


Under the light of your particular Moon, and with the North Node standing by as a witness, it might be time to go a little deep. Which dreams have you put on hold? Unlock. The ways in which you have been as a pinned butterfly; that time is coming to an end, by January most of your emotional debt is paid.


What’s happening behind your eyelids is the real story. While the stage is set for the next act (hint:it’s a big one) get your daily life straight, habits/home/health organize your surroundings. When your world is stable you have extra powers.


Creativity & Consequences. What have you done? There should be something you can use here. You might even enjoy it, some of it? Listen to what is NOT said.


Work versus family? Or do you spell that: obligation versus obligation? Consider who is feeding you, and what you like to eat.


Here’s what you did: expressed yourself. Here’s what happens: paradigm shift. Don’t rush to conclusions. We are mid-process. One Eclipse now, and one more to come.


This should be a big one for you! Treat what you find out as an oracle, pay attention to the themes, not the specifics.


You have an angel or two standing by if you need one. Believe you can do it, because you can. Whatever emerges, you are equal to the task.


I wouldn’t be surprised if you were just a tiny bit sick of every single thing, and yet here you are, having to care. It won’t be long now before you can take the weight of responsibility out of your head and put it in your hands.


What’s romance? Is it the freedom, or the connection? What exactly could put a spring in your step, despite everything? I can’t say if you win the gamble, but the fact that you are still in the game should not be lost.


You wake up, dust off your magic cloak, and remember that a Magician’s work is never done.

Love YOU!!!


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