Simple ‘Scopes & a Podcast for the LEO New Moon August 18, 2020

Listen UP!

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Pregnant? With who? With what? You have a direction, take it.


A revved engine in the background can’t be silenced but you can still sing. Start over from your core. The sound of the song is love.


Somebody told me you have all the power you need, to say everything you want to say. Make it new in your mind.


It doesn’t matter how strange everyone thinks you are, what you have in your pocket is pure gold


Yes there are hoops to jump through, but you have a guardian angel. What you learn now will open doors for a long, long time.


Your slip is showing, and um.. also your freudian slip is showing, what’s more, it looks lovely.


Partners and enemies, take a break from them and join a new group. Hope itself is a way out. You have something to wish for.


Uncloud your mind. Even though it’s not the least bit your style, since we all are watching, blow us a kiss.


Money matters are still holding you down. All the same, a door opens and a rocket is prepared for take off.


Is dept a form of love? Are you about to find out? A message from your ancestors moves the chess piece, bishop takes queen.


Who is that staring at you, and what do they want? You won’t have to wonder for long. The details now are the saving grace.


As your mind wakes up, your body reminds you that when you like something, you should do it again. p.s. who’s that? Is it a pet?

Love YOU!!!



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