Simple ‘Scopes & A Podcast: Aries Full Moon October 1, 2020

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This one is for you. For who you have been, for who you are becoming, to use for taking action, for the triumph of Authenticity, for being willing to renegotiate the terms on which you live your life. And importantly for not sacrificing yourself, but rather offering your own heart as a gift to your own mind.


You may feel powerless to stop, well, anything at all, and confused by what you have started. Whoever it is that is supposed to call you, is not going to hang up the phone anytime soon. Have some faith in the process.


How comfortable are you with a bumpy ride? How much tension is there between what you wish for, and your current set of resources? You know what they say Kittens, -It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock n roll-


Firing squad or beauty pageant? All lined up either way. Whatever makes contact, listen, learn, and then look into your own eyes to see your own truth. Center on your breath.


Go ahead. That’s right, proceed. It’s a green light on a road with epic roadwork. Proceed with caution. Do what you can.


So many mysteries, and at the heart of it a story about who you have already been and already loved. Or I could say about a legacy of family entanglement and money. All part of the mix.


How you feel about partners and enemies, where do you draw what lines. The rules you rewrite now, will empower you.


Sending messages? Who is receiving? The strength you gather from past alliances will help secure your sense of self. Your mind is waking up to so many realites, give yourself enough time to fit them into place.


Here come the dominoes! Keep breathing, somehow you need this, this risk, and this honesty, to move ahead.


It’s all about getting the knife out of your heart and acknowledging what you can’t escape.


Like the edge of a cliff, it’s all downhill from here! Kidding. Not exactly kidding, but you do have some pretty good gear. Hang glide, parachute, could be ropes, hooks, and axes, moving carefully watching out in case of avalanche.


Where you already got hurt may yet need repair. AND just because they like you, doesn’t mean you like them back. It’s complicated tho. It doesn’t mean you don’t like them either. What it means is you have learned how to read.

Love YOU!!!


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