Sexy Sexy Stationery

How Virgo is this? To open a Video with
“It’s not so bad..”

Spike is Libra with Virgo on his Midheaven, that’s the part you see out in the wide world.

A friend wrote me the other day that blank paper is sexy.

Mars has entered Virgo Y’all = Sexy Sexy Stationery.

I always think so. I have some Virgo myself.

I love pretty paper, cards, stationery and notebooks.

I was just looking at the insanely magic world of Su Blackwell

oh MY GOODNESS! How’s that for Mars in Virgo?

I skipped posting on 11/11/11. It’s not because of the apocalypse…

I was just an ordinary busy bee…

My mind is on skincare, exactly what kind of lotion do I really need…


I hung some paper snowflakes just like these for a winter fair.

My friend Kate made them! How talented is she??!!!

I absolutely got new notebooks and am taking care of all my biz.

Calendar, Scheduling and such.

I recommend it!

Let’s get organized shall we?

great song, right? …. busy busy busy..



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