Serious Good

I\’ll take you thereThis is the Beautiful Mavis Staples. A monster of hard work and integrity. With Cancer Sun Libra Rising, and an Aries Moon, you think she knows what she wants and is not afraid to get it? That’s right. Mavis takes care of her biz. You better believe it! And one more thing… this woman is built to LAST. Let’s take a lesson.

So, we have the Moon in Capricorn today and a wealth of Cardinal energy at your disposal.
We are talking about beautiful enforced pragmatism.

Use it baby use it. Define, refine, make a plan and move forward. It is time, to be real, work work work, and only REAL LOVE will do.

Feel me?

I\’ll take you there
Note how she politely gives a generous shout out to Jules at the end, that my friends is Libra bravely amped up by her Aries stellium. Manners people! They DO count.


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