September Stars + Saturn in Sagittarius 2015


Dark of the Moon now,
Eclipse Season once again.

So many many happenings in our Stars!

Venus in Leo Direct, and trine Uranus in Aries ever more each day,
Cardinal and Fixed Signs around 13 to 22, what’s good?!
(She catches up to Mars in early November then hits the North Node at 0 Libra.
Oh that’s potent!)

Saturn to leave Scorpio on the 17th
As they say in the South, he’s gone pecan.

The absolute last dregs of Saturn’s transit through Scorpio.
How bad is it? Well, it’s bad. But the less interested you are in the glamour of the tragedy, or the breadth of the tedium the faster you heal.

It doesn’t diminish the pain, and you can’t healthily ignore it.
If it costs you, pay and move on. Pay gladly & with a good heart.
Acceptance, Health and Freedom at any price.

The meaning and the cost of freedom are about to become real themes.

Interior freedom, marked our beginning.
Personal, Scorpionic. There, the link between Scorpio which condenses, and Sagittarius which expands, comes alive with this particular understanding of freedom, first internalized, as in to know one’s own core, then as a series of life choices.
A journey.

Saturn won’t stop your journey, instead it becomes necessary, inevitable, difficult, and rewarding. Likely plans are in the works, or you may have already begun.

Washed up on a New Shore

To learn to grow responsibly, as Saturn moves to Sagittarius, and Jupiter/Neptune begins to teach us how to CHANGE, rather than resist or persist, in order to succeed. No more of the perseverating, desperate actions or ultimatums that we have endured and perpetuated even in the most quiet or unlikely settings.

If it doesn’t work, we bend it. We alter it, or we alter us.

Some actual power rests with Mutable Signs this year.
Thoughts rather than biology. Mercury changes as the year progresses,
image matters, we use our minds!

Virgo/Sagittarius/Pisces and Gemini all agree on adjustments.
If not the method, or subject, at least the reality of them.


Alter to fit your circumstance.
Alter your circumstance, alter your partner, morph, outgrow.
Escape? Not easily, with effort.

More likely now we integrate, not working on others, working with others.
The dept collector, the surgeon, the power monger becomes the philosopher, a priest, the pope! A refugee, an atheist, a blowhard, morality, education for the masses, boundaries that unite and define us as peoples…
Do we know what’s best?

Watch as the next two years unfold:
Ethical quandaries now.
Our problems are cultural, moral, associative, religious, educational.
To whom do we belong?

What price, what value, what sacrifice for your beliefs, your mobility,your ethnicity, your freedom?

What harsh and unfamiliar world both expands and depresses us?
Alone in a crowd of all new friends or alluring strangers,
how will you prove your worth now, and how will you accept the differences?

Much of our success over the next few years depends on an active interest in accepting and acclimatizing to contrast and variance.

Who will be a serious student?
To actively learn, begin with the idea that you do not know.

Will there be increased zealotry?
Absolutely Yes.

This month:

Venus direct like a life-support, sending a trickle of blood and breath back in to our existence. People begin to commingle energies once again, and what’s more, to trade.


Financial interaction, intimacy, complications, support. Exchange.

Can you recall what you really like, or has it changed?
If you are changing, so much the better.


There is no reason whatsoever to clutch with tight, crabbed hands and bent back fingernails to who you used to be, or might have been, if only, if only you still loved what and who you used to.

Opportunities are coming. Sudden.
Impossible to possible and back in a whiplash chance.

It’s messy, not clean

What about all the people, places, and things we tried to kick to the curb,
but they wouldn’t leave us?

You can run but you can’t hide.

Venus is direct but Mercury is about to turn around.
YES. In LIBRA, of all places!


Still thinking about the balance of relations.
We won’t turn the page completely until the second week of October,
with Merc direct on the evening of October 9th.


To be honest, it looks a little painful,
and the chances of surprise misinformation are high.
If you are up on a tall conclusion, ~don’t jump!~

Eclipses are by nature a separation/ending-beginning/surprise.
This takes place at 20 Virgo
Realize it will take a while to see the whole picture.
Sincere humility never goes out of style.

Eclipse come in pairs, They arrive as bookends to separate one era from the next.
A window, as well as a conclusion.
Climb out as best you can.


It’s been four o four for days

Homemade things don’t last as well
as factory things. Flaws,
that’s their charm, humanity.

I’d like to put this a little more
quietly, but we’re shouting
when humming.

In dreams anyway, life is lived
with correct detachment, correct

Me or someone else? ~

Love YOU!!!!


~What a life… what a life…~

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  1. Tam says:

    Good luck to both of us this weekend! <3

    As an aside Serena Williams has a 20 degree Virgo Moon.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Tam,

      I totally love Serena Williams! How was your New Moon weekend?
      Last day of Saturn in Scorp. for a very looong time. Thank Goodness!
      I sure won’t miss it! xoxo

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