September 9, 2013


Leo Mars Square Scorpio Moon/Saturn/North Node

It can play like that, or you can take control,
Control of yourself,

I wouldn’t try controlling anyone else today

12th House Leo Sun conjunct Pluto, dancer and Choreographer Pina Bausch,
had a first house Leo Mars Square a 10th house Taurus Saturn/Jupiter conjunction.
How perfect for a dancer, right?

Taurus is so good for dancing, such an elemental physicality.
Pina has the Moon and Uranus there as well,
Venus in Gemini Square Neptune in Virgo,
Neptune sextile her LEO, and trine her Taurus.
A non-verbal 12th house Mercury in Crab.

I’d be surprised if we see this kind of abandon today,
but what a beautiful piece.

I love her use of water, and earth, of stone.
There are so much of her choreography to watch,
and the Wim Wenders film Pina is mesmerizing.
I love her gesture, her face, her voice.

For Today,
remember that both Leo and Scorpio are fixed signs.

Don’t expect to see anyone back down.
If they do, it’s a trap! lol.

You can get tremendous drive, tremendous focus out of this.
It’s very good for a strong will.

My goal for this week is to not take everything so serious!
Do you think I picked the right week for that,
Mercury is versatile in Libra, she does want to play fair,
or at least, NICE.

Venus Moves to Scorpion on Wednesday, and it’s alllllllll serious biz,
some of it quite beautiful too.

Happy Monday!

Love YOU!!!!


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2 Responses to September 9, 2013

  1. jgirl says:

    so is this whole syria/russia thing a trap? what about the US backing down?

    p.s. you were right, things are not over. 🙂

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey jgirl,

      I’m happy to see you smiling. : )
      There are much more qualified political astrologers than I, Jessica Murray comes to mind.
      In conflicts that emerge under the Mars Saturn square, what stands out to me, is that it’s not a simple involvement. There are complex interwoven threads on both sides. Also, this is a Fixed Square, Leo doesn’t back down for reasons of pride and principal, Scorpio is after results, and doesn’t mind going the long way round to get them. As to who is who. I haven’t looked at the chart of either nation in regard to this. xo

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