September 8th & 9th, Cardinal T-Square, Prelude to the Eclipse, Moon/Mars/Saturn

Robin Switzman 2008

Sagittarius Moon riding toward Saturn.

Libra Venus, across from Aries Uranus, both Square Pluto in Capricorn.
Loose Cardinal T-Square, Look Out Crabs!

Sudden Lost Love, Lost Money,
Revised or Destroyed Aesthetics,
Powerful almost violent commitment.

In this climate, don’t look back unless to excavate,
to grasp the fallen soldier of your psyche and pull yourself out of the rubble.

A kiss goodbye?
Be careful with that, easy to listen to the siren’s song and drown.
you know who you are


Ever more likely that you will gnaw your foot out of the trap and move on.
That’s a Good Thing!
Sagittarius Moon can’t be held.

Jupiter lingers in Virgo one last day,

our choices are ruled by Mercury retrograde, we may yet change our mind.

Regretting today’s choice is easily imaginable.
and so is overreacting.

maybe it’s fine, for true! perhaps in context it will be fine, process, process, process, nothing stands in isolation, it’s all on a journey…


Uranus sends an inconjunct to Mercury it’s a jolt.

A scratch in the record. But we play on, nowhere near to the end.

Sagittarius Moon cozies up Saturn, (lol) if we want to succeed we are going to have to do what?!
Venus inconjuncts Neptune, a little bit of paradise lost in this. Just in time to see the happy bus leave without you.

Beautiful day for a walk?


Tomorrow, the Sagittarius Moon/Mars conjunction trines Uranus and squares the Sun.

Boom. High Action. Energy Returns.

All The while, Chiron opposes Mercury, that’s the under-story,
acknowledging your vulnerability will give you strength.

The unwanted thought? The very one you need to accept, and release.

deep breath

No matter the level of difficulty Sagittarius Moon will bounce back,
not innocent, not this year anyway, rather seasoned,
like a cast iron frying pan

nothing sticks because you have already been burnt.
& I think we all have some fish to fry before the next two weeks are over.

(ok that’s the end of the bad metaphor parade!)

Love YOU!!!




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Circle the 21st of September for Mercury Direct, it’s a busy day with a Mutable Grand Cross.

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