September 6, 2016, Neptune and the Nodes




Try to allow yourself to know everything you do know.
Might be easier to know it, if you don’t force yourself to act right away.

The swirl that surrounds you, the slow motion vibe is hiding the speed of the whirlwind which is actually blowing.

Everything on your list will be added to some concerns you haven’t met yet…
Or are they adventures?

A bend in the river you can not help but float down?
A swift kick in the pants that you knew was coming and/or someone stepping on your toes without prior consent?


It’s a little more desperate isn’t it?
Or is that what we know of life?
Try and move through it lightly, because there is nothing but goodbyes?

Goodbyes to the old you, the single you, the coupled you, the you you were last year, last night and will never be again.

Stay an ever limber contortionist,
Stasis is not in our cards.

Not only that, your opinions might fluctuate.
So too, everyone else’s.
Forecasting out as though things will continue on this arc, is bound to be inaccurate.


It’s not time for the final word on anything.

will there be fallout?
-stand strong ? or duck and cover ?-

One of the things I find strangest in life is that you are absolutely required to take responsibility for decisions you made with absolutely no qualifications to make them, and no way to get those qualifications before the decision must be made either, and as the song says:

Embrace it!

Between the continued Merc Retro, Jupiter entering Libra on September 9th (YES!)
and our upcoming Pisces Full Moon Eclipse on September 16th, we posses a sense that things cannot continue as they are, and
although the resolution may be in part an emotional shift, take heart.

and yet…


as messy and unloved as this moment might seem… well it is… go ahead and cry….

:::: laughs ::::

Distraction is an alright strategy, and so is feeling your feelings.

Mutable signs offer multiple answers,
the ending on this time period is not lain out waiting to be experienced or discovered,
rather it hasn’t been written yet,


There is a crossroads or morality moment in the works,
a time when you move toward health and progress, where illusions are revealed,
& not only revealed but discarded.



Love YOU!!!!


The otters of Jupiter in Libra


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