September 6, 2013


A little better?

The world washed clean, made new once again.

Libra Moon by afternoon.

Cardinal Grand Cross, this weekend.
yeah yeah yeah, You’ve got the drill by now though.
~Chin UP, Chest OUT, Shoulders BACK~

kidding! Not kidding Whatev.

Leo Mars Squares Saturn in Scorp.
Do your absolute best within limits of your current reality.
That’s what that looks like. Bravery, drive, ambition.
Focus is rewarded.
Showing off? Notsomuch.

It’s a good weekend to make amends and play nice.
Libra is all about it.
Put on your party face, remember how small talk goes, dress your part.

Monday is a little on the fierce side.

Scorpio Moon/Saturn/North Node, with that Mars Saturn Square perfecting.
Mercury Moves to Libra, which helps. Poise is going to come in handy,
it’s more valuable under these conditions than facts or details.
By Wednesday Venus in Scorp. Trine Neptune. yeah she did.

Later for that.

It’s your Weekend!
Have a beautiful time. Refresh, renew!

Love YOU!!!!


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