September 4, 2014



Sorry I have been scarce!
All that fire kind of caught up with me and burned my house down.
(Metaphorically speaking)

But here I am again just in time for Capricorn Moon/Pluto!
Whoohooo! I actually mean that.
Capricorn Moon = You are the grown up,
You are the one who makes a safe structure for your feelings.
You are the one responsible for getting your needs met.

If you want to be Reborn, Dig Deep, Cough it up, Let Go, Purge,


~don’t hold on to anything that you don’t want to carry with you.~


~ no better time than right now, for a deep breath that clears your heart.~


Moon/Pluto inconjunct Jupiter (make BIG lemonade)
Trine Virgo Sun, (work that POWER, those harvest-y power details…
what you have sown? g’head reap it! lol)
Square Uranus, (ready to jettison into a new life?)

Put it all together with the North Node in Libra and you have a Cardinal T-Square!
you knew I was going to say that.

Take responsibility + individuate + act + interact = find your balance = find your destiny

a turning point? Yes, Please.

How did that New Moon in Virgo affect you?
Who lost their way in Neptune’s mirrored palace,
or whose life was submerged in an invisible sea?


Grab a hold of this straw, and keep kicking as you move toward the light…
there is air you need to breathe.

Chin Up.
Mercury in Libra wants to make a deal.

keep it practical, don’t ask for heaven… what can you have here on earth?

Leo Jupiter/Aries Uranus is a good surprise,
(even if it looks like a bad one)

You have some bounce, and it will bring you in to the future.

Love YOU!!!



photo 1

Zheng He
did not give up, not even after he was captured at age 10 and castrated!
(pluto topic) His life is completely fascinating on every level.
To begin with his family were Muslims in 13th century China!

Wiki sez:
~Zheng He (1371–1433), formerly romanized as Cheng Ho, was a Hui court eunuch, mariner, explorer, diplomat, and fleet admiral during China’s early Ming Dynasty. Zheng commanded expeditionary voyages to Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, and East Africa from 1405 to 1433. As a favorite of the Yongle Emperor, whose usurpation he assisted, he rose to the top of the imperial hierarchy and served as commander of the southern capital Nanjing~

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